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Security Consoles – Security & Surveillance Furniture – New & Used

The public depends on professionals in the security and surveillance industry for their safety and peace of mind. Likewise, those professionals depend on a well-designed security room full of high-quality furniture that’s built specifically with their workflow and technological needs in mind. Saraval Industries has years of expertise and the necessary knowledge to create the ideal workspace for any security and surveillance company.

Selecting Security Consoles from Multiple Vendors Means a Better End Product

Saraval Industries works with a wide range of security console manufacturers including Winstead, Evans, Watson, TCB Consoles and more. We understand that the technology you depend on — multiple computer towers, monitor arrays, power & data cabling — can make it complicated to maintain a sleek, well-functioning security console. We know just the right brands and models of security consoles to help streamline your workplace and create a comfortable, productive environment.

Transportation Security Consoles

Keeping people safe as they ride aboard trains, subways, buses, and taxis is a big part of what Transit Authorities and Security Facilities are responsible for. And keeping those operators at a console that is both comfortable and functional is what Saraval Industries offers. Whether you need a smaller security console or an entire control room, we’ve got the necessary contacts to make it happen! Even better, we make it possible to create a control room that isn’t chaotic or cluttered. This will improve productivity, which means your passengers will be safer than ever. 

We ensure fantastic aesthetics, an orderly atmosphere, and employee workstations that are designed to make sure your workers’ eyes are everywhere. Your passengers will never be safer! Find out more by visiting our transportation furniture page.

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We also offer Military Command Center & Control Room Furniture


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the best location for a security control room?

    Banking, correction facilities, finance, healthcare and government industries often rely on a Security Control Room (SCR) to monitor the safety of their premises. The best location for a SCR should be in an area that is accessible yet secure, with minimal noise and distraction that could disrupt staff members’ concentration. A centrally located room near two exits is ideal; it should also have CCTV cameras placed throughout the building that are monitored in real-time. Furthermore, it should be equipped with specialized technical furniture that enables staff to work comfortably and efficiently for long periods of time.

    What makes a good security control room?

    A good security control room should be equipped with the most up-to-date monitoring and communication systems, as well as specialized technical furniture that ensures maximum comfort for staff members. There should also be plenty of space to store data and equipment, such as computer monitors, keyboards, printers and other devices. Additionally, the SCR should have back-up power, and be outfitted with cable trays and shelves to keep cables organized and out of the way. Finally, some SCR Furniture also comes with adjustable components, such as monitor arms, desktop height and keyboard trays, to allow for added flexibility in optimizing how users interact with their equipment.

    What is the main purpose of a security control room?

    The main purpose of a security control room is to surveil, monitor, and manage the security of a given area. This often involves keeping an eye on CCTV cameras, responding to alarms, and generally ensuring that the property is safe and secure. Security Control Rooms are also used for communication purposes, such as between staff members or with external entities like law enforcement. Lastly, SCRs can also be used for analysis and reporting purposes, such as to identify potential security threats or track long-term trends.

    What is the purpose of surveillance?

    Surveillance is a form of security that involves the monitoring of activities and events in order to detect potential threats or suspicious activity. It can be used for both safety and investigative purposes, such as to identify criminals or keep an eye on areas where criminal activity has been observed in the past. Surveillance is often carried out with the use of cameras, although other methods can also be employed, such as the placement of sensors or the use of drones. The purpose of surveillance is to ensure that an area is safe and secure and any suspicious activity can be quickly identified and taken care of. When surveillance equipment is used in a security control room, special technical furniture is used to support the monitoring and communication systems.

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