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stock market trading floor

Reducing Stress on the Trading Floor

By Trading

As employers have become more mindful of their workforce’s mental and physical health, the importance of stress reduction and management has been brought into the spotlight. Stress reduction is important in any industry, but in the complex world of finance it’s particularly relevant. LinkedIn conducted a survey that showed at least 67% of those working in financial industries report high stress levels. While this number is lower than only a select few fields, employers definitely benefit from reducing workplace stress. High levels of stress can lead to declining physical and mental health, leaving workers struggling to thrive at work. Studies…

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refurbished trading desks

Restore Your Old Trading Desks Without Replacing your Furniture

By Refurbished Trading Desks

Trading desks provide a space for stock workers to take care of everything needed to do their jobs. However, these desks typically see a lot of wear and tear, which can make them inefficient over time. For instance, the finish on a trading desk can become old and/or outdated. That can make it a challenge to work in the high-paced environment of a trading floor. Does this mean you need to replace the desk altogether? No!  Saraval Industries offers a line of new and used trading desks and technical furniture solutions. When it’s time to update your trading desks, we’ve…

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modern trading floor

Trading Floor Furniture Modern Styles and Trends

By Trading

A flurry of activities takes place in a trading room environment. There, you’ll see anything from high-intensity trading to meticulous financial market monitoring. To support these activities, the furniture needs to be ergonomically designed, promoting comfort during long working hours and providing ease of access to multiple screens and communication devices. This article discusses trading furniture with modern styles and trends, so you can gain insights into the latest designs that meet these specialized needs. Modernizing Trading Room Setups The trading room environment, despite significant shifts in overall workplace design, has largely retained its traditional setup. Traders often remain stationed…

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New office technology

15 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Office to Improve Productivity

By Office Space Design

Whether you work from home or have returned to the office, you’ve probably noticed that your productivity isn’t quite where you’d like it to be. The good news is that this isn’t a difficult problem to fix. In fact, the issue most likely isn’t with you at all. Instead, it’s with the setup of your office. Fortunately, we’re here to offer you some insight into the many different upgrades you can do that will immediately boost your productivity!  Best Office Upgrades for 2023 Why upgrade your office? You’ll find out a few compelling reasons in this section. So, before we…

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trading floor & control room

Similarities Between Trading Floors and Control Room Furniture

By Control Room Solutions

Technical work and trading worlds may seem much different. However, they have many similarities in the furniture they use. These two environments require specialized workstations with unique designs to support the user’s preferences and improve their overall productivity. First, you should understand what these environments entail. Trading floors are high-pressure and fast-paced settings where financial traders sell and buy securities, including stocks, derivatives, and bonds. It’s a dynamic, ever-changing environment where traders respond promptly to market fluctuations and make critical decisions. A control room/ technical office is used in various industries, e.g., manufacturing, transportation, and energy. It’s a centralized environment…

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technical furniture solutions

Here’s What Should Be in Every Hi-Tech Control Room

By Control Room Solutions

Hi-tech industrial control rooms have become increasingly common in today’s automated industries. And with global market growth ahead of expectations at 9.6% instead of the predicted 5.7% (Omdia research, 2023) [1], businesses need to guarantee their control rooms are sophisticated and up-to-date. However, for any company looking to invest in its own hi-tech control room, there are some essential items they need to be equipped with first to ensure that those responsible for operating the control room have a safe, comfortable, and efficient workspace. This article will review high-tech control room trends, different types of high-tech control rooms and the…

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Security console furniture

Trying to Find the Right Security Furniture for Your Facility? Saraval Can Help

By Security Furniture

If you are in the security or surveillance industry, every movement counts. To be effective, your security office, control room, and surveillance space must have the right setup to support your security and monitoring efforts. If you’re the decision-maker, you may be tasked with laying out the configuration of your space. These pieces are not necessarily off-the-shelf items, and they require customization to fit into your environment. Saraval Industries, the leader in technical furniture for security and surveillance industries, has put together this explainer that discusses how to choose the right furniture or technical consoles for your business. New vs….

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trading office desks adjusted to sit and stand heights

How To Set Up Your Day Trading Desk & Room

By Trading

Having the right trading desk setup is essential for any trader, day trader or stock broker. Whether you’re trading stocks in your home office or on a Wall Street trading floor, having the right trading desk and room set up can make all the difference to your success. We’ve put together this guide to help you understand the different trading desk and trading room setups available and what trading essentials you should consider for each. Traditional Desk vs. Trading Desk Set Ups The main difference between a traditional desk setup and a trading desk setup is the type of design…

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redesigned technical office space

How Often Should You Redesign Your Office?

By Office Furniture, Office Space Design

Are you thinking of redesigning your office? It’s important to make sure it reflects the energy, creativity and productivity that you want. Not only that, a well-designed office can send the right message to your clients.  Redesigning your office can be an exciting project, but it can also be daunting if you don’t know where to start. In this article, we’ll provide tips on how often to do a redesign and when to tell if your office needs one. We’ll also discuss how to remodel the space correctly, new vs used furniture options and budget-friendly ideas for renovating your workspace….

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home office with upgrades

25 Home Office Upgrades to Take It to the Next Level

By Office Furniture

It’s a surprising statistic, but at end of 2022, it’s estimated that 25% of the jobs on the North American Continent will be performed remotely. What’s more? In 2023 and beyond that figure may be higher. That’s great because telecommuting often means gas money savings and time saved in commuting. Plus, the kitchen’s right there! What that also means is that most of us will need to figure out how to make our home office set up efficient and comfortable. If this sounds like what you are doing or will be doing, it will be worthwhile to upgrade your WFH…

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