Used Standing Desks

The Benefits of Buying Used Desks

By | Used Desks

If you are opening or expanding a business, you probably have a laundry list of things to do and items to buy. Finding quality office furniture is likely close to or at the top of your list since it is challenging to work productively without it. But should you go all out and buy a new desk or save yourself some money by looking for a pre-owned bargain? Here are just a few of the reasons why buying a used desk could make far more sense. As good as new: Buying a used desk does not mean that your office…

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dispatch furniture and dispatch consoles clarkstown police

Why Emergency Dispatch Consoles are More in Demand than Ever Before

By | Emergency Dispatch

Demand for Emergency Dispatch Consoles Is Growing. In fact, calls for control room equipment like emergency dispatch consoles have increased significantly in recent months, and Saraval Industries is one of the few companies in New York capable of meeting this increased demand. We have been designing technical furniture like 911 dispatch consoles for 25 years, and our technology-driven approach makes us a natural choice for mission critical environments in both the public and private sectors. In addition to dispatch consoles and modular furniture systems, we offer audio and video equipment like monitors and mounts for a complete control room solution….

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Work from Home Desks

The Best Work from Home Desks

By | Work from Home Furniture

A work desk is a big part of any home office set up, so you will want to get one that is uniquely suited to your physicality for the best success. However, people come in all shapes and sizes, so finding the most suitable one can often be challenging. In light of that, we have put together a list of the best work from home desks to help with your choice! Best Standing Desk for the Money Eureka Ergonomic Writing Computer Desk If you’re looking for a simple work from home desk solution, there are plenty of high-value, bare-bones options…

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Sit - stand desk

Review of 5 of the Best Home Office Sitting and Standing Desks

By | Office Furniture

More people are telecommuting lately, but if you start getting aches and pains, that most likely means that the furniture in your home office isn’t ergonomic. Home office standing desks fit the bill nicely when it comes to ergonomics, and many models have come a long way since Max Allan Banfield designed them for health reasons in 1998. It’s not good for your health to sit or stand all day at work, studies show. Too many hours standing in one place can lead to anything from skeletal disorders to circulation issues. The overall health outlook isn’t any rosier for sitting…

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Sit Stand trading Desk

Why You Should Consider Buying Used Sit-Stand Desks

By | Office Furniture

In case you haven’t heard or experienced it yourself, being sedentary for too long is extremely hard on the human body. Our bodies aren’t designed for sitting for extended periods, but sitting eight hours a day or more at work is often unavoidable. However, it’s the extra time spent sitting after the first eight hours that is particularly damaging, according to experts. And, that’s even after figuring in exercise, too. In a nutshell, that Netflix binge after work and on the weekends isn’t doing our health any favors. To lessen health risks, the sit-stand desk and stand-up workstation were designed…

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personal protection screens

Personal Protection Screens: What Are They, and Where Do I Find Them?

By | Protection Screens

The Coronavirus, or COVID-19, has for the foreseeable future changed how we spend our time indoors and outdoors. Along with social distancing practices, people are starting to think about germs and infection like almost no other time in modern history. The behavior modifications that follow are changing protocols, and changing environments.    One of the most common environmental modifications for workplaces and customer-facing positions are personal protection screens. These protective shields are designed to block microbes from landing on you and potentially getting you sick.    Although some say social interactions are negatively impacted by personal protective screens, they do…

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trading floor furniture and desks

What is a Trading Floor?

By | Trading

If there ever was a truly surreal experience in the finance industry, it’s being in the heat of a trading floor.  The heart of our financial system lies in the trading floor. Individual traders and brokers vie for the best prices on stocks and futures to create wealth for themselves and their clients, and it’s all done in real time. At the turn of a second, fortunes can be made and lost. It’s an important indicator of the health of our economy, and a signal for when trouble’s ahead.  So what is a trading floor? Why do traders take on…

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NYC dispatch office

Dispatch Center Furniture

By | Industry Information

Do you run a business that needs dispatch center furniture? It’s a major expense. The large consoles that dispatch centers need – whether in an emergency services company, transportation company, or otherwise – are bulky, complex, and oftentimes expensive.   But at Saraval Industries, we believe in recycling large pieces of dispatch furniture to save money for the companies that offer these essential services. It’s how we play our part in making the world run more efficiently, and your bottom line benefits.   We do this with the help of our experienced office furniture technicians. They bring their decades of…

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What Is Green Furniture?

By | Office Furniture

Furniture is big business. And as a leading furniture distributor, Saraval Industries pays attention to the bigger issues that affect our business, and offices around the world.  The world is going green at a rapid pace, and furniture is no exception. With the myriad components of furniture there’s a whole industry asking itself, “How do we go green?” Customers are also looking for eco-friendly solutions to furnishing their offices. So, we’ll explore exactly what “green furniture” is, and how you can outfit your office with green furniture.   How Is Furniture “Green”? Gone are the days where the cheapest materials…

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Steelcase Desk

Advantages of a Steelcase Desk

By | Office Furniture

The Steelcase Desk is an iconic piece of furniture.   Few other styles of professional desks were as ubiquitous as the Steelcase. Almost everyone can remember being called up to the teacher’s desk – it was most likely a Steelcase. Images of vintage offices are filled with employees toiling away at Steelcase Desks.    Since the beginning of the 20th century, the Steelcase Desk has dominated finance, education, healthcare, and more, in large part because of its utility. It’s as sturdy as a bull, and its simple construction meant its many moving parts would rarely break down.    It’s a…

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