Sit Stand trading Desk

Why You Should Consider Buying Used Sit-Stand Desks

By | Office Furniture

In case you haven’t heard or experienced it yourself, being sedentary for too long is extremely hard on the human body. Our bodies aren’t designed for sitting for extended periods, but sitting eight hours a day or more at work is often unavoidable. However, it’s the extra time spent sitting after the first eight hours that is particularly damaging, according to experts. And, that’s even after figuring in exercise, too. In a nutshell, that Netflix binge after work and on the weekends isn’t doing our health any favors. To lessen health risks, the sit-stand desk and stand-up workstation were designed…

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personal protection screens

Personal Protection Screens: What Are They, and Where Do I Find Them?

By | Protection Screens

The Coronavirus, or COVID-19, has for the foreseeable future changed how we spend our time indoors and outdoors. Along with social distancing practices, people are starting to think about germs and infection like almost no other time in modern history. The behavior modifications that follow are changing protocols, and changing environments.    One of the most common environmental modifications for workplaces and customer-facing positions are personal protection screens. These protective shields are designed to block microbes from landing on you and potentially getting you sick.    Although some say social interactions are negatively impacted by personal protective screens, they do…

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trading floor furniture and desks

What is a Trading Floor?

By | Trading

If there ever was a truly surreal experience in the finance industry, it’s being in the heat of a trading floor.  The heart of our financial system lies in the trading floor. Individual traders and brokers vie for the best prices on stocks and futures to create wealth for themselves and their clients, and it’s all done in real time. At the turn of a second, fortunes can be made and lost. It’s an important indicator of the health of our economy, and a signal for when trouble’s ahead.  So what is a trading floor? Why do traders take on…

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NYC dispatch office

Dispatch Center Furniture

By | Industry Information

Do you run a business that needs dispatch center furniture? It’s a major expense. The large consoles that dispatch centers need – whether in an emergency services company, transportation company, or otherwise – are bulky, complex, and oftentimes expensive.   But at Saraval Industries, we believe in recycling large pieces of dispatch furniture to save money for the companies that offer these essential services. It’s how we play our part in making the world run more efficiently, and your bottom line benefits.   We do this with the help of our experienced office furniture technicians. They bring their decades of…

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What Is Green Furniture?

By | Office Furniture

Furniture is big business. And as a leading furniture distributor, Saraval Industries pays attention to the bigger issues that affect our business, and offices around the world.  The world is going green at a rapid pace, and furniture is no exception. With the myriad components of furniture there’s a whole industry asking itself, “How do we go green?” Customers are also looking for eco-friendly solutions to furnishing their offices. So, we’ll explore exactly what “green furniture” is, and how you can outfit your office with green furniture.   How Is Furniture “Green”? Gone are the days where the cheapest materials…

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Steelcase Desk

Advantages of a Steelcase Desk

By | Office Furniture

The Steelcase Desk is an iconic piece of furniture.   Few other styles of professional desks were as ubiquitous as the Steelcase. Almost everyone can remember being called up to the teacher’s desk – it was most likely a Steelcase. Images of vintage offices are filled with employees toiling away at Steelcase Desks.    Since the beginning of the 20th century, the Steelcase Desk has dominated finance, education, healthcare, and more, in large part because of its utility. It’s as sturdy as a bull, and its simple construction meant its many moving parts would rarely break down.    It’s a…

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trading school

The 18 Best Stock and Futures Trading Schools Online

By | Trading

So you want to be a trader?   Whether it’s on the stock exchange floor, or from the comfort of your own bedroom, the options for stock and futures trading mean there’s more participation and more competition for the financial gains to be had with trading.   What You’ll Find Here:   Free Stock Trading Courses Paid Stock Trading Courses Beginner Stock Trading Courses Intermediate Stock Trading Courses Algorithmic Stock Trading Courses Forex Trading Courses Futures Trading Courses AI Trading Courses   The Average Salary of a Stock Trader   The average salary for a stock trader is much different…

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New York 911 Dispatcher

How to Become a 911 Dispatcher in New York

By | Emergency Dispatch

If there’s any other heroes in emergencies besides police, EMT’s, and firefighters, it’s the 911 dispatcher. Within just a few quick seconds, the dispatcher has to figure out what the emergency is, where it’s taking place, and getting emergency first responders on the way as fast as possible. It’s not a job for people who are good on the phones – it’s a job for someone who works well under pressure.  That’s because every call is potentially a life-threatening emergency, and often the caller’s life is in the dispatchers hands, if only for a few seconds. That’s why dispatchers go…

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office manager at desk

What are the Major Drivers of Unethical Managerial Behavior?

By | Office Best Practices

In any business organization, ethics is of the utmost importance. Business ethics is what helps members of an organization – from c-suite and executive level players to entry-level employees – determine whether an action is positive or negative for the employer. But, unethical managerial behavior is an issue that can irreparably harm an organization, both internally and externally. Which are the drivers of unethical managerial behavior? Everyone has a reason for doing what they do, and unethical business practices are often perpetrated for some type of personal gain. Some of the drivers of unethical managerial behavior include:      Profit…

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Calculator for investments

Tips for Hiring A Stockbroker

By | Investing

You’re getting ready to hire a stockbroker for either yourself, or for your company. It’s an important step for your finances, so you need to make sure you make the right choice. There are thousands of stockbrokers out there, and even more people that call themselves stockbrokers, but are anything but. Many people are beginning to buy and sell securities on their own, and consider that proper experience to get a job as a stockbroker. We’re here to tell you that is not the case. Becoming a stockbroker is not easy, and only truly talented professionals become actual stockbrokers. Let’s…

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