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Trading Floor Furniture – New & Used

In the complex, fast-moving environment of the stock trading floor, it’s a must to have a comfortable and efficiently designed setup that helps your employees and technology collaborate and execute flawlessly. The need to access information instantly, communicate seamlessly and make split-second decisions poses significant challenges when it comes to furnishing your office space.

Saraval is one of the leading industry experts in trading floor furniture and trading desks, and we work with the best manufacturers in the business. We’ll oversee your project from beginning to end, choosing the best furniture for your needs, make any desired customizations, supervising delivery and working with electricians and IT staff to make sure installation runs smoothly.

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    Saraval Industries was a pleasure to work with. I will definitely buy my future trading desks from you all as we expand into the space next door.

    Mischler Financial Group

    We really appreciate all of your hard work. You and your team did a tremendous job. We are so pleased. We will definitely recommend your company if we hear of anyone in need of your services.

    Man Investments

    Thank you for the great job you and your team did. We will recommend you guys to anyone that is starting a trading business.

    Anupam Ghose, System Two Advisors, L.P.

    Thank you very much for everything…Dave and his people were great. Looking forward to doing business with you again in the future.

    WJPR Radio- 2014

    Clients We Are Proud To Serve

    Why work with Saraval for your trading furniture?

    • Unbeatable, personalized customer service – we’ll be with you through every step of your installation. No matter where your office space is located, a representative will be on site for your consultation, and we’ll oversee everything from the delivery all the way through to the completed installation. We’re committed to handling everything for our clients with no unpleasant surprises.
    • Customization options – we can modify both our new and used trading furniture to suit the aesthetics you have in mind, as well as any unique functionality needs.
    • Complete trading floor furniture solutions – Saraval provides not just trading desks, but also ergonomic chairs, space-saving storage solutions, conference room furnishing and anything else you need for trading floor. If it’s technical furniture, we probably carry it.

    Interested in learning more about our trading floor furniture solutions? Use the form on this page to schedule a consultation today.

    From Design to Setup & Installation of your Trading Room Furniture, We Do it All

    Saraval Industries sources our trading floor desks and furniture from high end manufacturers such as SBFI, Knoll, Steelcase, LaCour, Eurocraft, Woodtronics and more. We support every project with everything from trading floor design, selection of desks from any of the many manufacturers we work with, to delivery and installation.

    Eco-Friendly & Ergonomic Trading Floor Designed With Your Needs In Mind

    Our trading floor desks are designed to managed complicated technological setups while maintaining sleek aesthetics and a work environment conducive to focus and productivity.We work with manufacturers that offer both eco-friendly and ergonomic options for trading floor furniture. Older trading desks can look bulky and overloaded with large monitor arrays and other necessary devices. The modern pieces we source keeps your entire setup arranged in a way that minimizes clutter and maximizes comfort.

    New & Custom Trading Desks

    The world of finance happens at the speed of light, and employees in your firm need to be able to operate smoothly and make split-second decisions. Saraval Industries has worked with countless financial firms, providing trading desks and office furniture for hedge funds and analysts that works to empower employees to excel at their jobs. We can help you design an office that’s conducive to focus, collaboration, and productivity.

    Our new and custom trading desks are sourced from the highest quality manufacturers in the business. We’ll meet with you to learn all that we can about your needs, then work with our industry partners to choose the best possible furniture for your office space.

    We understand that your day-to-day processes can’t function without the technology you depend on, so we’ll help you choose trading desks equipped to manage your tech setup. We know that your primary priority is great functionality, but our furniture looks great, too — specially designed monitor rails support your displays while maintaining a sleek, low-profile appearance. You’ll have your choice from a range of finishes and customization options to give your work environment the modern, attractive aesthetics you desire.

    We also offer partition screens for personal protection. and technical furniture for power plants and utility services.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the meaning of a trading floor?

    The trading floor is the physical location where traders buy and sell financial securities, such as stocks and bonds. It typically consists of trading room console furniture, along with a network of computers, desks, and telephones that are staffed by brokers who execute trades on behalf of their clients.

    What do people do on the trading floor?

    Buyers and sellers come together to make deals and trade financial instruments. The trading floor is an important part of the global economy, as it facilitates the buying and selling of stocks and other securities that form the foundation of modern markets.

    How do you set up a trading room?

    The right technical furniture is key to any trading room. The furniture should be configured to provide a comfortable workstation where traders can easily access the necessary equipment, such as multiple monitors and keyboards. Additionally, the right audio-visual setup is essential to monitor real-time market data and news feeds. Other features in a trading room include secure network connections, adjustable lighting, and efficient storage solutions. Finally, the trading room must be ergonomically designed to ensure traders can work in a safe and comfortable working environment.

    How does having Technical Furniture assist in the challenge of setting up a successful Trading Floor?

    Technical furniture is a crucial element of any trading floor setup. It provides traders with the necessary tools, such as multiple monitors, keyboards, and audio-visual equipment. This helps them to monitor real-time market data and news feeds in an efficient manner. The right technical furniture also ensures that traders can operate in an ergonomically designed environment that allows for comfortable working. Finally, it provides secure network connections and efficient storage solutions that help traders to store their data safely and securely.

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