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Oil & Gas Control Room Furniture: Refinery & Pipeline Command Console Furniture

Our team is highly-experienced in supporting the most demanding engineering and project requirements in the oil and gas industry. We offer control room furniture for everything from offshore oil rigs, oil or gas refineries, pipelines and more.

Years of experience working with oil & gas companies supplying furniture for their control room environments have helped us understand the industry’s unique needs. We specialize in finding the best possible control room solutions for our oil & gas clients, selecting and installing high-quality furniture designed to function with complex technological setups. Our team can help you select the perfect pipeline control room furniture that stands up to the needs of a 24/7 work environment. With multiple manufacturers from one vendor, you have the power of shopping around on price, mixing and matching, and done for you control room design services, all in one place. Let us show you why we’ve become a leading name in the technical furniture industry. Get a free quote today.


We also offer a variety of new and used home office sit and stand desks.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a control room in oil and gas?

    A control room in oil and gas is a space where supervisors, engineers, technicians and other personnel can remotely monitor the performance of an oil or gas platform. A design for efficiency is paramount, as oil and gas control room operators change variables and communicate with others to make sure processes run smoothly and in accordance with established protocols. Additionally, this industry is unique and demanding, so Saraval Industries offers the best in specialized control room furniture for everything from offshore oil rigs to oil or gas refineries.

    What should be in a control room for an oil refinery?

    This type of control room should include a main monitoring station with several refinery and pipeline command console furniture pieces that provide access to data from the various systems on-site. Additionally, it should have easy access to all of the data stored in the control room’s computer systems, as well as any monitors or displays needed for visualizing the data. The consoles and workstations should be built from durable materials to withstand harsh conditions, and adjustable furniture pieces are ideal for allowing operators to customize their seating position as needed.

    What are the key features of control room furniture?

    Control room furniture needs to be designed with the highest quality in mind and made to function with complex technological setups. Features that can help with this include ergonomic comfort, adjustable height and seating positions, cable management, modular components for easy reconfiguration and cleaning, and noise reduction capabilities. Additionally, the furniture should be built to last since the oil and gas industries rely on consistent operations and can’t afford any downtime due to malfunctioning equipment. Saraval Industries specializes in control room furniture solutions, and we can help you select the perfect pipeline control room furniture that meets the needs of a 24/7 work environment.

    What is the purpose of a control room in the oil and gas industry?

    The main purpose of these industrial control rooms spaces is to enable personnel to collect vital information for the efficient operation of the plant. In addition, these industrial control rooms enable users to manage the most important equipment in the facility and react quickly to any type of unexpected event that may arise.

    What is monitored in a refinery control room?

    Refinery control room personnel monitor the processes of the plant through electronic representations displayed on dials, lights and monitors. If they need to change variables, they need to communicate the changes with other departments quickly to ensure that processes continue to run smoothly and in accordance with established protocols. Electronic representations shown on monitors, dials, and lights. Control room operators make changes to variables and communicate with other departments to make sure processes keep running smoothly and according to established procedures.

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