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Furniture for Transportation Control Rooms & Command Centers

Transportation industry professionals spend their working hours at the helm of complex systems with many moving pieces. A successful control room requires great attention to detail and flawless organization — which must be reflected in the workspace itself as well as the daily operations. At Saraval Industries, years of experience working with transportation industry control rooms just like yours has given us the expertise to design an efficient, comfortable work environment and choose the perfect control room furniture to help your team function at its maximum potential.

Control rooms for subway & rail transportation systems, bus lines, taxi dispatchers and other organizations rely on technology to keep everything running smoothly. Large monitor arrays, multiple computer towers and associated cabling can easily result in a cluttered, chaotic work environment. We know exactly how to design control rooms that support your devices while maintaining an orderly atmosphere and great aesthetics too. We oversee the entire process from project inception through delivery and installation.

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