LaCour Trading Desks

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Used LaCour Trading Desks

Saraval Industries is proud to offer used trading desks and work stations from LaCour. LaCour is known for producing not only some of the best trading furniture in the industry, but also for producing a wide range of technology furniture.

LaCour furniture is a third generation & family owned commercial furniture company specializing in trading desks. You can get used LaCour trading desks, due to the high-quality and long-lasting power.  They are committed to a modular approach to contract furniture by leveraging the efficiencies in factory assembled products to simplify delivery & installation time as well as cost. The result is a better build and quality product at a small cost of the shipping & handling cost of conventional furniture. Plus, it comes in less boxes & cartons, creating less waste. LaCour has been committed to producing the finest trading desk workstations by applying their expertise for one customer at a time.

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  • Greenwich Plaza – Trading Desks Manufactured by LaCour

  • Sound Point- Used LaCour Trading Desk Furniture

  • ​AGP – Trading Desks Manufactured by LaCour