Used Office Furniture

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Used Office Furniture

Shop Saraval Industries live inventory for a wide selection of different types of used office furniture, from chairs, to desks, to conference room furniture. While many of our desks are designed for trading floors, the open floor plan, bench style of these desks offers wider applications beyond trading. Whether you’re a creative agency, marketing agency, or any type of sales organization, our used office furniture has something to offer. Saraval Industries offers used office furniture in NYC, CT, PA, NJ, and more.

Office Furniture Categories

Conference Room TablesMonitor ArmsUsed Standing DesksUsed Office Chairs

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  • Toggle- Used KI Toggle Sit / Stand Desks

  • Monarch- Used Innovant Trading Desk

  • CLSA – SBFI Sit/Stand Trading Desks

  • Used Poppin Workstations

  • UBS- Used Innovant Trading Desk

  • MJ – SBFI Sit/Stand Trading Desks

  • Morgan- Used Innovant Trading Desk

  • WEW- Used AMQ Sit/Stand Trading Desks

  • Baycrest – DAS Trading Desk Furniture

  • Lukoil – Used Innovant Trading Desk

  • Danske DAS Sit/Stand Trading Desk

  • Gerald- Used Innovant Trading Desk

  • AMBAC – Used LaCour Trading Desk

  • Kavi- Used Innovant Trading Desk

  • Moser- Used Innovant Trading Desk Furniture

  • JCRA DAS Trading Desk Furniture

  • Ledger X Tristar

  • Home Office

  • Sound Point- Used LaCour Trading Desk Furniture

  • Used Break Room Furniture & Conference Room Tables

  • Edge- Used LaCour Trading Desk

  • Atalaya Knoll Sit/Stand Technical Benching

  • Guggenheim – Woodtronics Trading Desks

  • Vatic – LaCour Trading Desk

  • CFR- Used Innovant Trading Desk

  • Jamison DAS Trading Desk Furniture

  • Nobel- Used Innovant Trading Desk

  • Used Monitor Arms for Trading & Control Rooms

  • End Panels – Multiple Manufacturers or Custom Made

  • Used Office and Reception Furniture

  • Used Aeron Chairs by Herman Miller

  • Used Monitor Arms Mulit-Tier

  • Miscellaneous & Artwork Items

  • Used Office and Conference Room Chairs