Mount Kellet – Knoll Trading Desks

We proudly carry a number of Knoll trading desks for sale. Knoll is a manufacturer of both elegant and function home and office furniture. In addition to making exceptional furniture for the home, Knoll is also known for making trading desks with the same level of precision and attention to detail found in the rest of their range. Check out what we have in stock now for Knoll Trading desks and if you don’t see what you’re looking for reach out anyway as our inventory is constantly growing. Contact us for a quote today!


These Knoll trading desk can have the slatwall at a standard or extended height. These desks come with integrated power grommets mounted in the slatwall that your electrician can easily wire up to. Check out what we have in stock now for Knoll trading desks, but keep in mind that our inventory is constantly growing — even if you don’t see the exact product you’re looking for, we’re adding new items all the time.