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mission control center

The Importance of Ergonomics in Mission Critical Environments

By General

Control room operators have very challenging and important jobs, which is why everything possible should be done to make their work easier. None of us are at our best when we are uncomfortable or in pain, and this is especially true when stress and pressure are added to the mix. This is why control room ergonomics is so important. However, what exactly is ergonomics? Ergonomics 101 Ergonomics is defined as the study of how people interact with their working environments. More specifically, an ergonomist, also known as a human factors specialist, is a person that modifies or designs the work…

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The Cons of Standing Desks

By General, Office Best Practices, Office Space Design

Several months back, we explored the benefits of standing desks. But, as with everything good, there is always a bad side. Some time back, the craze around standing desks lit the furniture and office design world alight. Scores of people started flocking to the standing desk, believing it was a revolution in office work life. Read about the craze: 7 Benefits of a Standing Desk – As stated above, the news about standing desks isn’t all good. From different types of back pain to muscle fatigue, there are definitely negative aspects of this furniture craze. Read below some of…

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