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Tips for Hiring A Stockbroker

By Investing

You’re getting ready to hire a stockbroker for either yourself, or for your company. It’s an important step for your finances, so you need to make sure you make the right choice. There are thousands of stockbrokers out there, and even more people that call themselves stockbrokers, but are anything but. Many people are beginning to buy and sell securities on their own, and consider that proper experience to get a job as a stockbroker. We’re here to tell you that is not the case. Becoming a stockbroker is not easy, and only truly talented professionals become actual stockbrokers. Let’s…

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Social Impact Investing: What Is It?

By Investing

Making money can be a dirty business. But, that means it doesn’t have to be! As our economy moves into the future, more and more investors are thinking about how they can have a positive impact on the world. It’s no secret that industries like fossil fuels, agriculture, and manufacturing create pollution, and the defense industry is always creating new weapons for conflicts around the world. As we explore the world of social impact investing, you’ll find that there are incredible opportunities not only to help the world, but can also be lucrative for the savvy investor. What is Social…

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Cryptocurrency’s Effect on Investing Trends

By Investing, Trading

Investors were skeptical when cryptocurrency first appeared on the market, as an open-source software in 2009. Many are still skeptical. However, the impact of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin can’t be overlooked. The original cryptocurrency and perhaps biggest success story, Bitcoin has seen a meteoric rise in value over the last few years — and anyone who invested early and held onto their Bitcoins is surely pleased with their decision today. But are Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies smart investment moves, or is this a bubble that’s about to burst? It depends who you ask. What is cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is a form…

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