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what is a control room

What is a Control Room?: Five Different Types of Control Rooms

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In terms of operations, control rooms are the mind and heart of monitoring and management practices. Smooth and well-defined operations are the name of the game in any control room, as well as a distinct chain of command and clear procedural guidelines set forth by a control room manager. What is a Control Room? By definition, a control room is a central location where technicians and managers manage the everyday operations—as well as maintain and enact crisis operations—for a given entity. Whether it’s a control room for a police station, refinery, or other process-intensive company or organization, the control room…

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NSLS-II Control Room

Your Guide to Building a Control Room

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A control room is a very important part of any business. It is where all the magic happens! For instance, employees in emergency services use control rooms to manage and coordinate their work.  Saraval Industries knows this and understands why it’s essential to have a well-designed and functioning control room. We work with our clients to create a space that meets their needs and helps them achieve their goals.  If you are confused about your control room design, this guide gives some vital tips on building one of the best. What Is a Control Room?  A control room is a…

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Guide to Control Room Compliance

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The Lowdown on Control Room Compliance With all the recent information breaches and financial crashes of the past few years, financial institutions and information technology companies are focusing closely on compliance. As one of the fastest-growing fields in these industries, there is currently a shortage of professionals with all the requisite skills to be effective control room compliance officers, often called an “immature” field. Definition Control Room Compliance is the function of a company to report to executive boards, regulators, and research departments about the legality of varying processes and products. The control room compliance officer is a person who…

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how to redesign your office on a budget

Redecorating Your Office or Control Room on a Tight Budget

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Has your office design gone stale? If the majority of your furniture hasn’t been replaced in years (or decades) and the aesthetics haven’t changed since day one, it’s likely that your work space is in need of a refresh. Though it can be hard to view this as a priority when there’s always plenty of other ways to spend the money in the budget, employers need to recognize the benefits of having an aesthetically pleasing office workspace — and then study up on these tips to revamp your workspace design on a budget. New office furniture doesn’t have to break…

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control room furniture

Designing and Furnishing the Ideal Control Room

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Control rooms are some of the most difficult work environments to design — yet also where intelligent design and planning can make a huge difference. In control rooms at power plants, transportation hubs, emergency responder dispatches, police precincts and more, employees are working in a high-stakes environment with little room for error. They must be able to seamlessly interface with technology (often multiple systems), communicate with others and maintain focus at all times — that’s where control room design and ergonomics becomes essential. When planning a control room, it’s important to consider everything employees will need to work effectively, while…

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