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network operations center

Everything You Need to Know About Network Operations Centers

By | Industry Information, Network Operation Centers

What is a NOC Engineer? In our ever-increasingly connected world, the role of computer networks has become paramount in the overall architecture of business operations. For larger organizations, the importance of having reliable access to computer networks can mean the difference between success and failure.   What is a NOC?   NOC stands for “network operations center,” a central location where monitoring, maintenance, and control over access to a network is managed. Most often set in a separate room with a large video display and rows of desks for NOC specialists and engineers, personnel monitor the network from the video…

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ergonomic furniture in open office setting

What is Ergonomic Office Furniture

By | Industry Information, Office Space Design

The Lowdown on Ergonomics Ergonomics. It’s that word that any furniture retailer and manufacturer will throw out there to express how a user will feel comfortable using their product over others. But, what many people don’t know is that ergonomics is in itself a science. Researchers the world over—and throughout history—have worked to make people more productive, happier, and ultimately more safe through the study of ergonomics. We decided to lay down some facts on ergonomics, so that the buzz word you read when looking at office furniture means something more than just “comfort.” The Definition According to the International…

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top industries in new york

What Are The Top Industries in New York City?

By | Industry Information, Trading

New York City is in many ways the economic capital of the world. In terms of single metropolitan areas, it is the most influential market in the country as companies all around the nation and the world have made their headquarters—or major centers of operation—in the city. Nearly all these cardinal industries have large office complexes and facilities, employing literally millions of workers in varying capacities. From Wall Street to Madison Avenue, there is no shortage of office buildings where some of the highest-paid and prestigious professionals in their fields conduct their day-to-day. As such, New York City has become…

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