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Emergency Dispatch

Saraval Industries provides emergency operations consoles and police station control rooms. Read more below:

Emergency Operations Center

4 Ways to Design an EOC: Emergency Operations Center Layout for Crisis

By Emergency Dispatch

When disaster strikes New York City, or any other municipality, agencies have to act fast to coordinate the response. Lives, property and safety all depend on the rapid response and efforts that the police, firefighters and other emergency medical service personnel put forth. To do these critical jobs, these agencies all depend on a central facility known as an Emergency Operations Center. What is an Emergency Operations Center? An Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is a secure facility where management decisions are made and coordinated responses are orchestrated in relation to emergency incidents. Responses include allocating resources, providing information management and…

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dispatch furniture and dispatch consoles clarkstown police

Why Emergency Dispatch Consoles are More in Demand than Ever Before

By Emergency Dispatch

Demand for Emergency Dispatch Consoles Is Growing. In fact, calls for control room equipment like emergency dispatch consoles have increased significantly in recent months, and Saraval Industries is one of the few companies in New York capable of meeting this increased demand. We have been designing technical furniture for 911 dispatch operators in NY and beyond with the perfect consoles for 25 years, and our technology-driven approach makes us a natural choice for mission critical environments in both the public and private sectors. In addition to dispatch consoles and modular furniture systems, we offer audio and video equipment like monitors…

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New York 911 Dispatcher

How to Become a 911 Dispatcher in New York

By Emergency Dispatch

If there’s any other heroes in emergencies besides police, EMT’s, and firefighters, it’s the 911 dispatcher. Within just a few quick seconds, the dispatcher has to figure out what the emergency is, where it’s taking place, and getting emergency first responders on the way as fast as possible. It’s not a job for people who are good on the phones – it’s a job for someone who works well under pressure.  That’s because every call is potentially a life-threatening emergency, and often the caller’s life is in the dispatchers hands, if only for a few seconds. That’s why dispatchers go…

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