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Stock trading is risky business. That means being armed with the best knowledge possible is crucial to your survival in the industry.

While a degree in finance is certain to give you some kind of leg up, specialized training and experience boost your chances of success by orders of magnitude – that’s because these are most often taught by traders themselves.

It’s important to understand that these schools offer a wide range of classes, from understanding bond dividends to highly math-intensive courses. Because the world of trading is so diverse, you would be doing yourself a favor by consulting a career advisor before you dive into your education.

We’ve put together a quick list of the three best stock and options trading courses in New York City. If you’re thinking of diving into this challenging but incredibly rewarding industry, take a dive into one of these classes!

Note: These headings also serve as links to each school’s respective website, so take a look around after reading!

Trading Academy NYC

Located in Brooklyn, The Online Trading Academy offers intensive courses in all kinds of options trading. Taught by experienced hedge fund managers, career stock traders, and more, this school’s courses will set you a head above the rest.

Trading Academy NYC also offers a free half-day workshop to dip your toes into the investing world. There are also practical lessons you can take away from this workshop, including how and where to buy stocks at wholesale prices “like the big banks”.

Invest Academy

Invest Academy is one of the best finance education and career development institutions in the area. The fact they have campuses in Singapore and Toronto as well should give some indication they’re doing something right!

This school touts its “Learn By Doing” approach, which places students in the trader’s seat to put their learned market theory and sharpened instincts to the test.

The New York Institute of Finance

The New York Institute of Finance offers one of the most comprehensive suites of finance education in the country – the organization’s success can at least partly be evidenced in the worldwide reach of its physical campuses.

One great benefit of this school is its “virtual classroom”. You can be connected to a quality live feed in a live class while also actively participating – that means you can enjoy the mobility of online classes without the lack of human connection.


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