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In business these days, brand is everything. Companies will pass up no opportunity to express their brand through advertising, copywriting, co-branded blogs, guerilla marketing events and more. The more solidified and consistent your brand expression is, the more your customers will think of your company.

Yet many companies neglect the opportunity to express their branding in their own headquarters, even as they’re pulling out all the stops on all other channels. In this article, we’ll make the case for why it’s important not to neglect branding in your office space, and offer a few tips on creative ways to brand your workplace using office design.

Why does branded office space matter?

Include your employees in the audience that you’re marketing your brand to. The better they understand it and all the values that it embodies, the more seriously they’ll take their job, and the better they’ll act as an ambassador for your company. Echo your company culture throughout your office space, and your employees will have a constant reminder of why they like working there. If done right, this promotes harmony and helps mitigate day to day stresses and frustrations.

Maintaining a workspace that visually reflects a fun, interesting brand and an enticing company culture will also do more for your company that a recruiting agency could. Bold and creatively branded workplace design is eye-catching and intriguing to prospective new clients and anyone else that passes through your office, leaving them feeling motivated to work for you (or work with you).  

Constant visual reminders are a low-key but effective way to keep everyone on the same page when it comes to brand standards and company culture.

Branded Office Design Ideas

Branding an entire office space doesn’t have to be nearly as difficult or expensive as it sounds, either (although it certainly can be). Using creative ideas and simple, inexpensive tools, you can liven up your office design while enhancing your workforce’s brand relationship.


  • Wall treatments. High-quality peel and stick wall decals are cheap, durable, and they look great — the perfect combo. It’s so easy to remove and replace wall decals that you can even switch them up regularly to keep the look fresh, adapting your design to align with new visual campaigns. They don’t damage the walls, either, making them a low-commitment solution.
  • Use color. Echo your company’s logo colors throughout the office. It doesn’t have to just be walls — carpets, tabletops, chairs, picture frames, office furniture or light fixtures could all be designed in your signature shade. Using a bold color sparingly but creatively is a great way to create a memorable impression without making it feel overwhelming.


  • Use large walls to tell a story. If you have any long hallways or large open areas of wall, take advantage of his visual real estate and use it to express key points of your brand. Hang plaques or photography representing major events of big wins in your company’s history. Create a timeline telling your story, or just reiterate brand values and affirmations with text, images and logos.

Modern office design can enhance and strengthen company culture and employee loyalty when done right. Take advantage of these office design ideas to elevate your corporate branding and help draw in new talent and business.

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