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Do you run a business that needs dispatch center furniture?

It’s a major expense. The large consoles that dispatch centers need – whether in an emergency services company, transportation company, or otherwise – are bulky, complex, and oftentimes expensive.


But at Saraval Industries, we believe in recycling large pieces of dispatch furniture to save money for the companies that offer these essential services. It’s how we play our part in making the world run more efficiently, and your bottom line benefits.


We do this with the help of our experienced office furniture technicians. They bring their decades of combined experience to each furniture inspection. Once they’ve identified all points that need repair, they embark on a restoration regimen tested time and time again to deliver like-new dispatch console furniture to optimize the operations of dispatch center staff.


Used Dispatch Furniture

One way we do this is with green office furniture.

All this is at a price that is a fraction of what you will pay for brand new furniture. While we’re making sure dispatch console furniture doesn’t make it to the landfill, you’re helping the environment by saving money to use wherever else it is needed.

With the tools necessary to restore used furniture to “like-new” status, you’ll be amazed at what used dispatch furniture can look like. From broken joints to peeling surfaces, we completely restore and refinish every aspect of our used furniture so there is no question you’re getting the best possible value for an extremely discounted price.


New Dispatch Console Furniture

Sometimes “new” is the best option for you, or your budget allows for it.

In this case, Saraval Industries is a leader in sourcing new dispatch console furniture. Our manufacturers are hand-picked because they are the best in the industry, producing products that offer superior quality and reliability at a price you can afford.


Public Safety Dispatch Consoles

Are you the office manager for a company that runs public safety dispatch consoles?

More than almost any other types of consoles, public safety dispatch consoles must be designed just right for every nuance of your dispatch staff’s work.

At Saraval Industries, we not only supply new or used dispatch console furniture – we’ll design the set up to offer a complete, end-to-end solution for your needs. We have been helping 911 operators in NYC and other major cities around the world for over 25 years.

And designing public safety dispatch consoles is more complicated than you might think. It’s a balance between accessibility of important functions, the amount of accessibility that is optimal for the given process, and how the physical infrastructure of a desk build serves those functions.

We’ve been in hundreds of public safety dispatch center offices, and designed many to optimize the effectiveness and talents of your hardworking staff. Great office design helps with efficiency, and the efficiency of your staff could mean the difference between offering successful and effective public emergency services, or not.

Our part in all this is offering the complete, one-stop solution to your dispatch center console needs. From sourcing new or expertly-restored office furniture to designing its set up and building out your furniture for you, we’re here for all your dispatch console needs.

All it takes is contacting us for a no-pressure consultation. We will find out what your budget is, then identify the best solution to meet the demanding needs of your dispatch center office. And when you see operations running smoothly, you’ll wonder why you didn’t call us earlier.

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