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Demand for Emergency Dispatch Consoles Is Growing. In fact, calls for control room equipment like emergency dispatch consoles have increased significantly in recent months, and Saraval Industries is one of the few companies in New York capable of meeting this increased demand. We have been designing technical furniture for 911 dispatch operators in NY and beyond with the perfect consoles for 25 years, and our technology-driven approach makes us a natural choice for mission critical environments in both the public and private sectors. In addition to dispatch consoles and modular furniture systems, we offer audio and video equipment like monitors and mounts for a complete control room solution.

Desperate Times

A global pandemic, nationwide travel restrictions and a wave of civil unrest has made security a hot-button issue in 2020. Crimes that once could have gone unnoticed are now being reported by people trapped inside their homes, and calls for ambulances and emergency medical technicians have soared. Throw protests, marches and riots into the mix, and it is no surprise that emergency dispatch consoles have quickly become hard to find. The demand is also being driven by companies that have decided to add control rooms with security consoles to improve security during these desperate times.

Meeting the Challenge

Emergency dispatch consoles, which are also called 911 or police dispatch consoles, may look very similar to standard office desks, but they are actually highly specialized pieces of equipment. Many of the calls we get for control room furniture come from organizations that learned this lesson the hard way. A table or large desk is sometimes used in place of a dedicated dispatch console, but this usually proves to be a temporary solution at best. There are several reasons why traditional office furniture is not appropriate for control room situations.

Flimsy construction: Office desks, tables and credenzas are designed to be stylish as well as functional, but emergency dispatch consoles are made out of sturdier materials because they are expected to take relentless punishment. This can be especially important when control rooms have to be set up quickly to contain riots or deal with natural disasters.

Not enough space: Traditional desks are usually only big enough to accommodate one or two computer screens. Emergency dispatch consoles are much larger, and many of them can accommodate a dozen or more large monitors while still giving emergency room operators plenty of room to work.

Cable issues: Control rooms are packed with technology, which means cable and power management can be major problems. The emergency consoles we offer have features that hide computer equipment and conceal cables. These features also prevent technology mishaps and make replacing or upgrading computer equipment much easier.

Poor lines of sight: Speedy communication is vital when lives are at stake and every second counts. Control room furniture is designed to ensure that emergency operators have clear lines of sight if they need to attract the attention of colleagues or supervisors. Communication can be improved further by selecting consoles with adjustable-height or sit and stand features. Traditional desks sometimes block sight lines intentionally to add a sense of privacy.

Why Choose Saraval Industries?

Businesses, police departments and government agencies in New York and around the country choose Saraval Industries because they know the technical furniture we offer will meet their exacting requirements. We have several vendors to choose from, and our professionals have years of experience designing control room layouts. Features you can expect to find on an emergency room console from Saraval Industries include:

  • Removable access panels.
  • Heavy-duty edging.
  • Durable laminate work surfaces.
  • Aluminum slat walls for mounting lights and screens.
  • Integrated cable and power management systems.
  • Perforated steel shelving.

If you are planning to install, upgrade or expand a control room, you could save yourself a lot of time and money by contacting the experts at Saraval Industries first. We can work with you to design the ideal control room layout and then help you to fill it with the right furniture and equipment. We also offer professionally refurbished emergency room consoles if you are working with a tight budget.

Please contact us at (516)-768-9033 to get a quote today.

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