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Hedge funds are a complex business. Aside from the analytical work that goes into running a successful hedge fund, it’s important to understand the way a hedge fund needs to carry itself to furnish it properly.

Hedge funds generally have two identities—one that faces the clients and investors, and the other that houses the processes necessary to keep things running. How you want to present these two “identities” will determine how you will furnish the office of your fledgling hedge fund.

We’ve broken down the two “identities” into several considerations so you can make sure you’re making the right choice when furnishing your hedge fund office.

Facing the Client

Investors in your hedge fund will generally have a lot of monetary wealth. They will also expect you to make that wealth grow over time. That means you must present an image fitting for someone used to having lots of disposable income.

The keyword to remember when furnishing your hedge fund is confidence. How can you make your clients feel confident that you know how to manage their money through the image of your office?

Not sparing any comforts is first and foremost the most important consideration. You’ll want to purchase furniture made of luxurious materials to present an air of success and comfort—whether that means going for a classic, rich wood-accented aesthetic or something more modern will be entirely up to you, but it’s easy to understand someone wanting to hand over large amounts of money does not want to do so while speaking over a plastic folding table.

The meeting rooms require their own special considerations. In terms of being economical, you’ll want to design your meeting rooms so that many investors can collect in a single meeting. Large meeting tables, stocked with plenty of chairs, will mean you’re ready for whoever walks into the door.

Building the Backend

The backend of your hedge fund is where the real work happens. The brains of your operation will be stored here, so you should furnish it accordingly.

Often each of your analysts and brokers will need ample space for their computers and all the other materials they use to track the market. Landline-compatible desks are crucial to ensure a reliable connection, as well as one that can be seamlessly outfitted with an internet connection.

Another consideration is understanding how your employees will interact with each other. Do you have employees from other departments in constant communication? If that’s the case, you’ll want to furnish according to a more open office plan.

If, on the other hand, you have your brokers and analysts working more independently, then you’ll want to furnish their desks according to a design principle that focuses on isolation and concentration.

Different “Identities”

While it may seem obvious, the two “identities” you employ in furnishing your hedge fund follow different principles. We’ve outlined a few of them below:

Aesthetic vs. Functionality – On the client-facing end, it’s the aesthetic that matters most. How can you make clients feel comfortable coming to your office, while also somehow demonstrating that you are a successful hedge fund manager just by how your office looks.

On the other end, you’ll want to focus strictly on functionality and the behavior patterns of your staff on the back end. With this concept in mind, you’ll be able to help your employees maximize their communication abilities in the right way to ensure successful operation.

Sleek vs. Grandiose – This is a consideration that is above all a personal one. You’ll want to determine the character of your office based on the clients you have coming through the door.

For instance, are you dealing with investors of a particular industry? Or, are they from a particular age bracket? While there isn’t any way to offer guidance on this matter, you’ll definitely want to make sure it is among the list of your considerations.

Your Own Identity – You’ll want to make sure that, as you’re spending hard-earned money on furnishings, that it somehow expresses how you run your business.

Now that you’ve thought about how to furnish your hedge fund, it’s time to get started. Contact Saraval Industries today to bring our eye for designing offices to your future success!

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