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Having the right trading desk setup is essential for any trader, day trader or stock broker. Whether you’re trading stocks in your home office or on a Wall Street trading floor, having the right trading desk and room set up can make all the difference to your success. We’ve put together this guide to help you understand the different trading desk and trading room setups available and what trading essentials you should consider for each.

Traditional Desk vs. Trading Desk Set Ups

The main difference between a traditional desk setup and a trading desk setup is the type of design and price. Trading desks will typically cost more and feature better quality construction and ergonomics. You want your furniture to be a good match for the task at hand. Anything else might be distracting and take away from the best work experience and performance.

Let’s explore some more of their key differences…

Trading Desk Set Up

You don’t want to miss a beat in this industry, and the ideal stock trader desk design allows you to handle trading operations faster and more efficiently. A trading desk typically has a setup that allows for the installation of powerful technology.

For instance, the adjustable trader desk manufactured by SBFI and offered through Saraval Industries has great features. This Sit/Stand desk has industrial cable management, technology rails for monitor setup and mounting and base enclosures for equipment concealment.

Additionally, each station has high-impact front nosing and electronic controls to raise and lower the units. There is plenty of room and hardware to mount 3-6 monitors for times when multiple trading activities are going on.

Traditional Desk Setups

Traditional desks are designed for general office work and will not have the features necessary for trading needs. That’s not to say you should settle for just any old desk. You want to make sure the furniture you choose is comfortable and ergonomic to support your activities without causing physical discomfort.

It’s also worth it to get high-quality new or used office furniture. Doing so will save you money by avoiding the need to constantly replace furniture due to poor construction, materials or design.

Are There Different Setups for Day, Stock and Home Traders?

Yes! Depending on the trading activity you do, there are some features to look for when setting up these three different styles of trading desks. For instance, day trading requires fast trading decisions and efficient trading software, whereas stock trading may require more tracking of news feeds and larger monitors to keep track of.

Day Trader Desk Setup

Day traders buy and sell a batch of securities within a day. If this sounds like your situation, you depend on having the trading desk set up in a way that allows you to make trading decisions quickly. No clunky computer systems here – you need a trading desk with plenty of room and space for computers with multiple monitors.

You need fast internet access, multiple monitors and a trading platform so you can have quick access to market news, trading data and other information. Plus, if you are working with other day traders, you’ll need systems of trading desks that have plenty of room to move around without bumping into each other.

Stock Trader Desk Setup

Stock traders are trading stocks for the long haul. Stock traders monitor the short-term prices of stock. Their goal is to make money when shares at companies experience price changes. They make a profit by buying these shares low and selling them high.

This type of trading involves extended research and analysis in order to make informed decisions before trading any stock. So, you’ll want a trading desk setup with plenty of room for paperwork and trading tools such as stock trading software, trading charts and financial analysis tools.

To access market news and trading data, you’ll need multiple monitors and lightning-fast internet. All these elements should have the space they need on your trading desk, so it’s important to consider monitor size when setting up your trading desk.

Like it is with day trading, you are usually working alongside coworkers. Having multiple trading desk setups allows for the proper division of trading tasks, which can help trading teams work more quickly and efficiently.

Home Trader Desk Setup

Home traders can be short-term or long-term investors, but their goal is trading while being at home. For this reason, a home trading desk setup is designed to be more compact and with less noise.

If you have multiple monitors, you may want to consider a trading desk with enough space and hardware to mount 3-4 monitors so that you can easily switch between trading activities. You’ll also want to make sure your trading desk is mobile and not too bulky so that it can be easily moved when needed.

When trading from home, it’s also important to make sure your trading desk is well-organized and comfortable for extended periods of time. After all, getting the big wins when trading from home can require a lot of time spent at your desk every day of the week.

Additionally, your trading desk should have plenty of space for a laptop or monitor, appropriate lighting, paperwork, and trading tools.

Another key difference with home trading is the cost to set up your office. You may have to buy your technical furniture if you are a solopreneur and own a home trading office. With corporate trading rooms where you work for someone else, they usually come with trading desks already in place.

Specialty trading desks (when purchased New) can cost upwards of $2,500-$3,500 per seat, depending upon the features. But keep in mind that a trading desk setup is an investment into your trading success—it pays off over time.

You can also save money by buying used trading desks. That way, you can get the trading desk setup and trading tools that are of the highest quality to help you achieve your trading goals, and do so at almost half the cost.

This could include a comfortable adjustable trader’s desk as well as adjustable trading chairs to fit your trading needs.

Trading Desk Must-Haves

Whether you are a day trader, stock trader or home trader, having the right trading desk setup is key for trading success. Setting up your trading desk properly can help you stay focused and organized so that trading activities are done quickly and efficiently.

Here’s a list of what you need for your personal trading room setup:

  • The right piece of Technical Furniture: Choosing the trading desks that is correct for you should be your first priority.
  • Multiple Monitors: You need multiple monitors to keep track of trading activities, news and data.
  • Headphone: You need headphones for trading, so that background noise does not interfere with trading activities.
  • Desk Lamp: Proper desk lighting helps you stay focused on trading activities without causing eye strain.
  • Trading Software: You need trading software to help you with technical analysis, stock trading and other trading activities.
  • Trading Charts: Trading charts allow you to keep track of the prices and trends of stocks or other trading instruments.
  • Financial Analysis Tools: These tools help you to make informed trading decisions based on financial data from different markets.
  • Ergonomic chairs: Consider investing in a chair designed specifically for trading that offers proper lumbar support and adjustable armrests.
  • Monitor arm(s): Monitor arms enable you to adjust the trading monitors at different angles.
  • Stock scanner: A stock scanner helps you to analyze trading opportunities and make trading decisions quickly.

Trading Room Setups

A trading room is an extension of a trading desk setup and becomes a command center for trading and investment management activities. It’s typically designed to house multiple trading systems, monitors and other trading tools.

When trading is done in a trading room, there are different factors to consider. The trading desks should be positioned strategically so that all traders can access the same trading screens, news feeds and trading data.

Also, the trading room should have the same must-have trading desk essentials as listed above, plus any additional trading accessories such as calculators and trading bookshelves and trading cabinets. It’s important to make sure all trading materials are organized so that you can easily access them when needed.

It’s also essential to have plenty of monitor space spread out among the trading stations, as well as comfortable chairs with adjustable arms and back support. This is especially important for trading desks that require trading activities to take place over several hours or even days.

What to Avoid in a Trading Desk Setup

When setting up trading desks, there are certain things you should avoid. First, keep trading tools and trading software away from any distractions like TV or music. Secondly, it’s important not to overload trading monitors with too much information, as this can be distracting and unproductive for the trader.

Also, it’s not a good idea to put trading desks in the home in high-traffic areas like the kitchen or living room, as trading activities require focus and concentration. A trading desk setup should be kept away from any disruptions that can lead to trading mistakes.

For your first time, you may want assistance designing your  trading room as it can be an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. This is where you can consult with trading technical furniture experts like Saraval industries for advice and assistance in ideal trading room setups. They are always available to help when needed. 

The Takeaways

When trading, it’s important to have the right trading desk setup and trading room setup that meets your needs. Invest in trading essentials like technical furniture with good cable management, ergonomic trading chairs and monitor arms.

Avoid distractions when setting up trading desks, and make sure to invest in ergonomic furniture for extended trading activities. Finally, if you’re looking for professional trading furniture from a trusted trading technical furniture expert, consider Saraval Industries for all your trading desk and trading room setup needs.

Saraval Industries, Your Trading Furniture Specialists

Saraval Industries is the trading technical furniture expert you can trust to provide top-notch trading furniture for your trading desk and trading room setups. Our trading desk solutions are designed with the day trader, stock trader and home trader in mind.

We offer a wide range of trading chairs, trading desks, power strips, monitor arms, trading bookshelves and trading cabinets, all ready to meet your trading needs. Plus, our knowledgeable technical furniture specialists are on hand to provide advice and assistance in designing the ideal trading room setup for you.

Contact us today for a free quote or call us at (516)-768-9033 for more information about how Saraval Industries can help make trading easier with our trading desk solutions.

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