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Office Lobby Design Ideas for Great First Impressions

A lot happens in your office lobby. People pass through it all day long — members of your team, returning clients, prospective clients, collaborators. Even though most visitors may only linger here a few minutes, their time in this space will leave a lasting impression.

Your reception area is telling visitors a story about your company: is it forward-thinking? Is it confident in its brand? Is it successful? Is it creative and energetic?

A well-designed office lobby will serve as a constant reassurance to seasoned team members that they’re working for a great company they’re excited to be a part of. It’ll inspire interviewees to work as hard as they can to land a job here. It’ll intrigue potential clients and keep existing ones feeling comfortable, confident and appreciated. How can one small space in your office work so much magic? We asked the experts for their advice in designing the perfect office reception.

Offer a Welcoming Environment

Of course, as the first place your visitors will see when they enter your office space, it’s essential that the reception area feels welcoming and friendly. The most crucial aspect of this, of course, is the human element — being greeted warmly by a smiling receptionist ready to attend to your guests’ needs.

More subtle elements can help in this pursuit, too. Invest in some art on the walls or unique design elements to project creativity, classiness and good taste. Plants (real ones, not fake!) keep a space feeling organic and cozy — some big, leafy ones, as many as you can incorporate into the space without it feeling like a jungle. Good, natural lighting goes along with plants to help fight that synthetic, fluorescent-lit cubicle farm atmosphere and make your space feel homey instead.

Finally, give your guest the sense that you’ve thought ahead of their needs. A comfortable seating area with snacks and beverages will go a long way to project to your visitors that you’re looking out for them and anticipating their desires.

Make it Branded

Your reception area shouldn’t be mistakable for any other company’s, anywhere in the world. It must be uniquely yours. Display your company logo, and don’t be subtle about it. It should be large, immediately recognizable, and well-lit — spot lighting can be perfect for boldly drawing attention to your signature design. Offering branded take-away items like pens, business cards, stickers and more can also be a great way to help your visitor form a lasting and positive memory of your organization.

Take advantage of this space to help tell your company’s story, too. Display the awards that you’ve won, as well as evidence of charitable pursuits. Show off your best clients and most successful projects.

Create Connections

You want your office space to feel modern and plugged-in. Offer an open WiFi network (or make sure that the password is prominently displayed) so that your visitors can do some work while they’re waiting. Setting up a TV or two turned on to a 24-hour news network (or another channel more relevant to your business) creates the impression that you’re tuned in to the latest events happening in the world and your industry.

These are a few simple suggestions that can be tweaked to fit any business and any brand personality. With these easy updates to your office lobby, you’ll be on your way to having a business that’s memorable and exciting to anyone who passes through your doors.

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