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Has your office design gone stale? If the majority of your furniture hasn’t been replaced in years (or decades) and the aesthetics haven’t changed since day one, it’s likely that your work space is in need of a refresh. Though it can be hard to view this as a priority when there’s always plenty of other ways to spend the money in the budget, employers need to recognize the benefits of having an aesthetically pleasing office workspace — and then study up on these tips to revamp your workspace design on a budget.

New office furniture doesn’t have to break the bank

There are many ways to refresh your office furniture without spending a fortune. Choosing modular furniture that can be used for many different purposes is an excellent way to stretch your dollar on furniture. Instead of buying a separate piece for every different office need, think creatively about where one installation can solve multiple purposes in your workplace design. For example, a conference room table can double as a collaborative work space. This also makes it easy to expand as your company grows without needing to buy all new furniture.

Buying used desks is another option. Many resellers of used furniture provide high quality pieces with no visible signs of wear. Office furniture is built to last, so you can easily refresh your space with new to you pieces that still have years of functional life remaining.

Try before you buy

A common mistake of office design is rushing into a purchase without fully weighing out the need for and usefulness of each item. Try buying a few pieces and trying them out in a small area of your office to gauge how well they’re working, especially if you’re in a heavily technology-dependent industry — it’s essential to ensure that the furniture you buy can fully integrate with the devices your employees use all day, every day.

Aesthetic updates

Fully functioning furnishings are crucial to an office space, but they’re not the only thing that matter. A key point of low budget decorating is using color to give a space a completely new look without paying for drastic alterations. Applying a fresh coat of paint in a bold color is a relatively inexpensive way to make a noticeable change — and it can be done overnight or over a weekend to avoid disrupting day to day operations. Even if it’s just one accent wall, use color to create an interesting atmosphere and tell your brand story.

Set aside a small amount of money in the yearly budget to pay for occasional repainting, adding new pieces of wall art or other cheap office decor, and buying plants to keep the office feeling welcoming and fresh. Invite employees to offer up their office decorating ideas to help engage your workforce.

Why does office design matter?

There’s a reason that all the hot new startups are investing in creative office spaces with boldly painted walls, whimsical decor and funky furnishings. Many studies indicate that being in a unique space is invigorating to employees, enhancing motivation and keeping the creative juices flowing. You certainly don’t have to go all out and aim for an office like Google’s, but you should make reasonable efforts to make your work environment a visually pleasant place for employees to spend 8 hours a day.

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