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When important work has to be done, the people doing it should be given the best tools and equipment possible. This is why organizations choose technical furniture rather than regular office furniture to equip control rooms, dispatch centers and trading floors. Technical furniture provides more than just a place to sit and work, it is designed to withstand the rigors of mission critical environments and improve performance. 

What Makes Technical Furniture so Different?

At first glance, technical furniture may look much the same as the desks, tables and workstations on offer at any large office furniture supplier. However, this is one situation where looks really are deceiving. Technical furniture and standard office furniture both provide a place for workers to keep the tools they use to perform their duties, but that is where the similarities end. Technical workstations are designed to be ergonomic and functional, and they are built to far stricter standards. If they aren’t, the cost of failure can be high. Traits that separate technical furniture from regular office furniture include:

  • Intelligent design: Managing information is critical on trading floors and in control rooms, which is why these areas are usually filled with computers, screens, audiovisual devices and peripherals. Technical furniture helps to keep all of this technology running smoothly with innovative cable management features that are designed to avoid clutter and prevent accidents. 
  • Flexibility: Mission-critical environments are rarely static, and it is very important that upgrading technology or adding workstations can be accomplished quickly and easily. Technical furniture manufacturers understand this, and they make modular products that can be slotted into place in a matter of minutes.
  • Durability: Technical furniture is built to withstand the type of punishment that is meted out in intensive environments that operate around the clock. This means that design, materials and workmanship must all be first class. Aesthetics take a back seat to durability and practicality in technical furniture design, and this fastidious approach extends to even minor details like hardware and accessories. Everything from the foam used to pad chairs to the bearings used in drawers is of the very highest quality.
  • Ergonomics: People tend to perform better when they are comfortable, which is why the equipment used in high stress situations is designed with ergonomics in mind. This is especially true when the equipment is furniture that key personnel will be using for shifts lasting up to 12 hours. Ergonomic furniture works with rather than against the human body, and it can help to prevent debilitating health issues like restricted blood flow, back and neck pain and musculoskeletal problems. 
  • Reduced maintenance: Keeping downtime to a minimum is crucial when the stakes are high, so technical furniture is designed to be easy to maintain and quick to clean. Technical furniture makers also avoid unnecessary flourishes and embellishments that can trap dirt and snag cables.

Custom Technical Furniture

There are a wide variety of technical desks and workstations available, but standard items do not meet the needs of every organization. In these situations, Saraval Industries has specialists that can design and build custom pieces. We can also modify stock technical furniture to meet the needs of our clients. Examples of our custom work include:

  • Modifying back-to-back desks: Saraval takes back-to-back desks (that is where one person faces one person) and custom cuts them down to create a single user console out of it.
  • Matching existing décor: Some technical furniture is placed in areas that have been designed with a great deal of care. While maintaining a consistent look is important, technical furniture can be refinished or customized to prevent it from looking out of place.
  • Odd shapes: Not every control room is a perfect rectangle, and placing standard pieces of furniture into an irregular shape can lead to wasted space or awkward looks. Custom pieces avoid these problems and ensure that every square inch available space is utilized.

Technical Furniture Solutions

Whether you are looking for technical furniture from a high-end manufacturer or a custom solution, Saraval Industries has the selection, craftsmanship and experience you deserve. We have supplied state-of-the-art desks and workstations to control centers and safety facilities in New York and around the country, and our involvement only ends when our client is completely satisfied. The benefits of working with Saraval Industries include:

  • Design services: We work with architects, designers and builders from the initial concept stage to final implementation.
  • Personal service: A Saraval representative will oversee your project in person and from start to finish no matter where you are located. 
  • Experience: The professionals at Saraval Industries have over three decades of experience installing specialized furniture in more than 6,500 locations. Our client list includes some of the largest names in the private and public sectors. 
  • Flexibility: We tailor solutions to the needs of our clients rather than offering them a menu of standard options. 
  • Quality: We represent manufacturers who meet ISO 9001 certification and always strive to continuously improve.

Value: In addition to a comprehensive range of technical furniture from leading manufacturers, Saraval Industries offers preowned pieces that have been completely refurbished and refinished to look and function as good as new.

If you would like to learn more about Saraval Industries or have questions about the services and products we offer, you can call us on (516) 768-9033 or visit our website. You can also request a quote by filling out our online form.

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