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top industries in new york

What Are The Top Industries in New York City?

By Industry Information, Trading

New York City is in many ways the economic capital of the world. In terms of single metropolitan areas, it is the most influential market in the country as companies all around the nation and the world have made their headquarters—or major centers of operation—in the city. Nearly all these cardinal industries have large office complexes and facilities, employing literally millions of workers in varying capacities. From Wall Street to Madison Avenue, there is no shortage of office buildings where some of the highest-paid and prestigious professionals in their fields conduct their day-to-day. As such, New York City has become…

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Cryptocurrency’s Effect on Investing Trends

By Investing, Trading

Investors were skeptical when cryptocurrency first appeared on the market, as an open-source software in 2009. Many are still skeptical. However, the impact of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin can’t be overlooked. The original cryptocurrency and perhaps biggest success story, Bitcoin has seen a meteoric rise in value over the last few years — and anyone who invested early and held onto their Bitcoins is surely pleased with their decision today. But are Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies smart investment moves, or is this a bubble that’s about to burst? It depends who you ask. What is cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is a form…

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Investment Banking vs Corporate Finance

Comparing Careers in Investment Banking vs Corporate Finance

By Careers, Trading

Understanding Differences in Job Responsibilities, Hours and More Investment banking and corporate finance both present attractive career options — they can both be lucrative, challenging and exciting jobs that present plenty of opportunities for growth. Finance students will find either option very promising, as success is all but guaranteed as long as you’re willing to work hard. The background and skills required are similar, and oftentimes professionals in finance will move from one field to the other at some point in their careers. Differences in job responsibilities One big difference between corporate finance and investment banking is that the corporate…

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investment banking career paths

Career Paths in Investment Banking

By Trading

After wrapping up an undergraduate degree, most students are eager to get out into the real working world and start making money and putting their hard-earned skills to use. But that entry level position is just the beginning of a long career likely full of twists and turns. As with many career fields, the investment banking career ladder is long — and how many rungs you climb depends on your talent, your ambition, and a dose of luck. The grunt work Financial analysts are largely considered the grunt workers of the banking world. Analysts spend a great deal of time…

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how to redesign your office on a budget

Redecorating Your Office or Control Room on a Tight Budget

By Control Room Design, Office Space Design, Trading

Has your office design gone stale? If the majority of your furniture hasn’t been replaced in years (or decades) and the aesthetics haven’t changed since day one, it’s likely that your work space is in need of a refresh. Though it can be hard to view this as a priority when there’s always plenty of other ways to spend the money in the budget, employers need to recognize the benefits of having an aesthetically pleasing office workspace — and then study up on these tips to revamp your workspace design on a budget. New office furniture doesn’t have to break…

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The Five Best Cities for Trading Jobs Other Than NYC

By Trading

When one pictures the financial trading industry, the images of Wall Street and Manhattan loom large. Indeed, New York City is the commercial capital of the United States, home to the biggest financial markets and the most Fortune 500 companies in the world. But NYC isn’t for everyone. The cost of living is significantly higher than the average US city, and elevated tax rates means that more of your paycheck’s gone missing before it even hits your bank account. If you’ve burned out on the Big Apple, check out this list of five other cities that are great places for…

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Reduce stress as a trader

How To Reduce Stress as a Financial Trader

By Trading

Reducing Stress and the Financial Trader Whatever initially drew you to a career in finance, it likely wasn’t a hankering for a low-stress, relaxed lifestyle. Probably the exact opposite, in fact. While the long working hours and typical high-tension workplaces are generally seen as an unfortunate side effect to the job, it’s true that many of those who choose this line of work actually thrive on a fast-paced, high-stress environment. Sure, it’s normal to complain about the demanding nature of your work. But can you really picture yourself putting in an easy, uneventful 8 hours and heading home for a…

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