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Why Buy Pre-Owned?
First and foremost, Saraval warehouses a large number of complete workstations and used trading desks along with monitor arms & file pedestals in an effort to provide immediate delivery of a complete multi-monitor trading desk.
There’s no doubt that new trading desks and technical furniture are expensive. Many small and medium sized businesses simply can’t afford to buy new. Buying pre-owned is much more cost effective, saving up to 80%.  You can see the used desks for sale that we currently offer.
Saraval can customize the look of your project by manufacturing new end panels in the color & design of your choice, including corporate colors, logos & other branding ideas. Accessories can be added such as task lighting, keyboard trays & voice/data/power pop-up receptacles.
Before any project is shipped, our cleaners and refinishers restore or replace worn or broken items.
It’s green to recycle trading desks and technical furniture. Join us in the fight to keep these great workstations out of the landfills!

Used Office Desksused desks for sale

Your office desk is the center of operations, and where you may potentially meet clients and investors.

Used office furniture in New York and other major cities offers an environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to new desks. But, when you buy from Saraval Industries, we restore used office desks to their original condition – the very same condition as when it was made.

We check all the drawers and surfaces, as well as all the joints in order to ensure that the product shipped to your office will last years into the future.

If you’re working in an open office, you can save space and time by purchasing double units. These pieces are especially useful if they combine the workspaces of two different professionals who are part of a single process, or find themselves interfacing throughout the day.

L-shaped desks are a great way to manage a high-volume system of operations all in one place. The unit below has a “floating hutch,” which is one connected by glass but offering a seamless and transparent bond between both elements of the workstation.

As you can see, the wood is perfectly restored and ready for shipment. That’s because our team of professionals pore over every single detail to make sure you are – by all accounts – working in a brand new desk.

Used Office Tables

Why pay more for a used office table when you can take advantage of fully-restored, discounted pieces?

For instance, this piece (and many others) is great for waiting rooms and additional office table space. Whether you’re looking for a classy glass-top table, or a rich and classic wooden piece, there’s almost no reason to buy new when you can buy used!

This great piece is perfect for any break room or meeting room that requires two or more parties. Again, the attention to detail in restoring this furniture is bar-none, which saves you money.

Used Office Chairs

used office chairs
When you buy used office chairs, you have to consider not only its structural integrity, but the upholstery.

Often used office chairs are worn out from years of use. But, the right reupholstering practice and multi-spot inspection can make that discounted office chair feel like it just left the factory.

The price of chairs can get very high when you consider that every employee needs somewhere to sit. That means each desk gets at least one chair – if not more depending on the size – which can result in massive capital costs when building your new office or re-outfitting an existing location.

Named “America’s Best-Selling Chair,” the Aeron design is perfect for all day-traders and office workers. We ensure that every single Aeron chair, long with all of our other used office chairs, pass the test for durability, cleanliness, and longevity.

Whereas you can spend over $400 for an Aeron chair from various companies, Saraval aims to have you sitting comfortably on a budget. Don’t believe us? Request a quote here.

Are you ready to refit your office?

If it’s time to start refitting your office with high-quality furniture, find how out much money Saraval Industries can save you. We have used office furniture for sale to suit every need, pricepoint, and design.

If you’re looking to save money, there’s no better alternative. If you’re looking to make purchases that are environmentally friendly, you’ve also come to the right place. Reach out today to find out how you can completely outfit your entire office with great, after-market furniture.

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