Why buy Used or Pre-Owned Trading Desks

By January 28, 2015 Uncategorized
trading floor desks and furniture
Why Buy Pre-Owned?
First and foremost, Saraval warehouses a large number of complete workstations and used trading desks along with monitor arms & file pedestals in an effort to provide immediate delivery of a complete multi-monitor trading desk.
There’s no doubt that new trading desks and technical furniture is expensive. Many small and medium sized businesses simply can’t afford to buy new. Buying pre-owned is much more cost effective, saving up to 80%.  You can see the used desks for sale that we currently offer.
Saraval can customize the look of your project by manufacturing new end panels in the color & design of your choice, including corporate colors, logos & other branding ideas. Accessories can be added such as task lighting, keyboard trays & voice/data/power pop-up receptacles.
Before any project is shipped, our cleaners and refinishers restore or replace worn or broken items.
It’s green to recycle trading desks and technical furniture. Join us in the fight to keep these great workstations out of the landfills!
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