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A control room or security control room is a place where the company tracks and monitors an operation; the only difference is that the tracking and monitoring are performed inside control rooms vs. outside with security rooms.  These control rooms are often found in factories, offices, hospitals, military bases, or other locations requiring constant monitoring and information flow. 

Control room consoles and security consoles are technical furniture solutions that provide the operator a desk and seating arrangement. They have to be durable but also flexible enough to suit different needs. This blog post discusses 7 ways your company can benefit from control room solutions. Before getting started, be sure to review control room compliance standards.

1. Brainstorm New Ways and Ideas

In the mission-critical environments of control rooms, emergency response times can’t be delayed. As such, there are many different factors to consider when putting together the best technical furniture solutions for your operations. In addition, control room desktops come in various shapes and sizes, so it’s important to think about what size is best for your space.

In other words, a lot is riding on the best control room solution for your business

Enlisting the help of experts who have experience sourcing new and used technical furniture can help you brainstorm new ways and ideas to design your floor layout and the type and quantity of desktops needed for seating. 

This extra help and broader source of knowledge can also help develop and create security and control room console configurations that are better tailored to your specific needs.

2. Figure out What’s Best 

Saraval Industries offers a wide array of new and used technical furniture for control rooms, industrial control rooms,  and security control rooms, and we will work hard to help you figure out what’s best to use for your business. For instance, you can often save up to 80% with used technical furniture vs. new. 

However, as cost-effective as used office furniture can be, it doesn’t always offer the features you’re wanting. In these cases, Saraval Industries offers new and fully customized technical furniture solutions for several verticals, including transportation, finance, public safety, and more.  

3. Provide Better Health & Safety to Personnel

Many ergonomic factors can improve the wellness and health of operators and make their workplace the safest it can be. In addition, by providing better health and safety to your personnel, you’re not only saving lives but also promoting happiness and retention within your company. 

Ergonomic Control Room Solutions

At Saraval Industries, we integrate experienced project management with 25 years of ergonomic technical furniture design for 24/7, mission-critical environments. This expertise results in a technology-driven approach that offers clients responsive furniture planning solutions with equipment, cable management and heat load accommodations in mind.  

Personal Partition Screens

Another way we can help with operator’s health & safety is by adding personal partition screens to new or existing desks. With these partitions, business owners are taking a proactive approach to reduce the person-to-person spread of COVID-19 and creating a safer workplace.

4. Save Valuable Time 

We all understand that company time is valuable. But, of course, it can’t all be spent on developing control room solutions. Getting assistance from elsewhere can not only end with better results for your control room but also allows you to spend less time figuring it out. With more brains collaborating, you can accomplish so much more in a shorter amount of time, leaving you to spend your valuable time where it’s really needed.

The help from someone else also means you’ll get a second pair of eyes for some truly productive out-of-the-box thinking. Plus, you’ll learn how to equip your control room with the best console designs, which can equate to more time savings for future control room projects and expansions. 

5. Get the Best Fit

Control room consoles and security room consoles are designed to withstand harsh environments and resist seismic activity or other natural disasters like hurricanes. As such, any solution used for them is more focused on heavy-duty, industrial-grade equipment that promotes the exchange of critical operational information. 

Control room display solutions: Any technical furniture design often supports heavy-duty displays (sometimes dual displays) and hardware. In addition, they must function differently than those in a typical office setting and be fully customizable. In response, our technical furniture solutions have highly flexible personal user hubs and panels that are rack-mounted for space savings and ease of use. 

6. Improve Communication

The more critical the information is, the higher priority it needs to have in a control room. Likewise, any modern technical furniture solution must have ergonomic connectivity for a wide array of devices that are put at the operator’s fingertips. 

We can supply you with the latest control room furniture designs that integrate with the worksurface through technical furniture solutions we source from our security console manufacturers. The result is a workspace that is user-defined and ready for emergency operations while still maintaining sound ergonomics for lengthy shift durations.

7. Receive a Better End Product

Saraval Industries works with a wide range of security console manufacturers, including Winstead, Evans, Xybix, Watson, TCB Consoles and more. We understand that the technology you depend on, multiple computer towers, monitor arrays, power & data cabling, etc., can make it complicated to maintain a sleek, well-functioning control room console. Therefore, we know just the right brands and models of security consoles to help streamline your workplace and create a comfortable, productive environment.

The Takeaways

The layout of your control room or security control room is critical to the success and efficiency of its functionality. Control rooms are typically designed for one-person operators, meaning that there will be limited space to store equipment or furniture. With that in mind, everything must have a place to keep things organized and streamlined. Saraval Industries can help with all that and more. 

We often work with many different industries. As a result, our knowledge base and inventory can help your company take steps in the right direction and get the perfect fit when it comes to your technical furniture solution. With so many options to choose from, you can work with Saraval Industries and let our experts determine what control room solution works best for your specific industry and unique requirements.

To get a free technical furniture quote, please contact us at (516)-768-9033. Also, if you have questions, you can fill out our online form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

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