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The Steelcase Desk is an iconic piece of furniture.


Few other styles of professional desks were as ubiquitous as the Steelcase. Almost everyone can remember being called up to the teacher’s desk – it was most likely a Steelcase. Images of vintage offices are filled with employees toiling away at Steelcase Desks


Since the beginning of the 20th century, the Steelcase Desk has dominated finance, education, healthcare, and more, in large part because of its utility. It’s as sturdy as a bull, and its simple construction meant its many moving parts would rarely break down. 


It’s a classic line of furniture we’re proud to carry at Saraval Industries because it lives up to our promise to provide long-lasting and cost-effective furniture for anything you need it for. 


Steelcase Desks are Durable

When we say they’re built like a bull, we mean it. 


Steelcase desks last for decades because they’re made of steel. Given the use of these desks in office environments, there’s almost nothing you can do to break them down unless you tried. 


If you take out the drawers, you’ll find the entire unit is one solid, welded piece of metal. This means there are few moving parts or components that can break away. 


Expert Assembly

Everything is made of steel in a these desks. While other desks with rollers holding the drawers will breath through materials like composite wood and particle board, it’s nearly impossible to break a drawer away from these units. 


Factory assembly for precision means each desk is sent out as perfectly-constructed as the one before it. It’s hard to put them together, but it’s even harder to break them apart. 


Neutral, Accessible Design

They are designed to fit into any office environment. Coloring is chosen specifically for this purpose, based on the idea that it would be considered “America’s Desk.” 


In industries like education and healthcare, these desks were welcome additions to any office as they blended into their surroundings. With standardized sizes, you could offer everyone from designers to administrative staff with an open working space for whatever task is at hand.


Everything You Need, and Nothing Else

The basic concept for the Steelcase Desks is utility.


In most iterations, they feature two drawer stacks on either side of the user, and one flat, wide drawer right under the top for additional space. 


For educational settings, the top drawer was perfect for writing and instruction supplies, and the drawer cases were often used to hold files and whatever the teacher took from her students until the end of the day. 


For artists and designers, the top drawer is perfect for holding an array of creative materials, while the top surface – an open blank slate of space – allows for easy access to a wide working area. 


There’s plenty of space for work, and even extra space to place more storage, decorations, or family pictures without sacrificing utility. 


Steelcase Desks Last Forever

The durable construction and simple design of these Desks means they will last as long as you do. 


You can walk into a school today and see a Steelcase Desk purchased in the 1970’s, still in perfect working order. In some cases, people are buying used Steelcase desks produced decades ago, in large part because they remain reliable for as long as they’re still assembled. 


The used ones we sell have been completely inspected for structural soundness. We ensure they remain in perfect working order so they can last for the incredible lifespan they’re known for. 


Why We Carry Steelcase Desks

At Saraval Industries, we understand office furniture. Whether for the control room, the trading floor, or your home office, great office furniture needs to look good and – perhaps more importantly – work well. 


Steelcase desks – a popular product that is often out of stock – lives up to our promise to customers around the country for office furniture that works, and lasts as long as you do. 


Orders for this type of desk come in all the time, and our stocks are often cleaned out. But that doesn’t mean they’re unavailable. 


We offer used Steelcase desks whenever we have them in stock, and you are able to put in an advanced order – especially if you foresee needing yours in the future.


You can also contact us about how to purchase new. 


Click the following link to learn more about purchasing Steelcase Desks at Saraval. We can’t wait to serve you. 

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