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home office with upgrades

25 Home Office Upgrades to Take It to the Next Level

By Office Furniture

It’s a surprising statistic, but at end of 2022, it’s estimated that 25% of the jobs on the North American Continent will be performed remotely. What’s more? In 2023 and beyond that figure may be higher. That’s great because telecommuting often means gas money savings and time saved in commuting. Plus, the kitchen’s right there! What that also means is that most of us will need to figure out how to make our home office set up efficient and comfortable. If this sounds like what you are doing or will be doing, it will be worthwhile to upgrade your WFH…

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Ledger X Knoll Sit/Stand Desks in office

7 Tips for Office Design on a Budget

By Office Space Design

If you’re on a budget but want to give your office a fresh, new look, don’t worry! You can do it without spending a fortune. In this blog post, we will discuss 7 tips for office design that won’t break the bank, including investing in used office furniture, maximizing existing resources and some you’ve never even thought of. 1. Plan out your Office Design ahead of Time Before you start shopping for furniture, take the time to plan out your office design. Designate areas for collaboration as well as solo work, and keep it simple. Utilize the space you have…

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sit/ stand trading desks

The Versatility of Trading Desks

By Trading

When it comes to running a business, there are a lot of moving parts to consider. To keep everything running smoothly, you need to have a clear and concise way to see and manage all of the different aspects of your company. This is where trading desks come in, and their versatile nature can help monitor and control various aspects of almost any business. The following is some more information about what constitutes great trading desks and some of the different and unique ways they can be used to help run your business more efficiently. What is a Trading Desk?…

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How to Keep Your Office Fresh: These 40 Styles are “IN” for 2022

By Office Furniture

As the number of people working from home increases, employees want their office to feel like home. This means comfortable furniture, personal touches, and plenty of natural light. But it also means that office design trends are changing. On the other hand, more and more people are heading back into traditional offices, spurring demand for the latest in office furniture. In all cases, questions are getting asked, including:  Are there desks today that can accommodate more than one person?  What colors and materials are popular in offices?  What’s the most comfortable way to sit at a desk all day? Are…

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Well designed Trading floor

How Companies Benefit from Control Room and Trading Floor Design Assistance

By Control Room Design

Creating a control room layout or trading room design isn’t nearly as simple as it seems. The fact is that either room needs to be as fully prepared as possible to take on anything with a second’s notice. This requires a lot of forethought during the design phase. Failure to put a level of forethought into the process may make the room basically useless when it becomes truly necessary. Therefore, it’s best to work with a company such as Saraval Industries that designs these rooms on a regular basis.   What is a Control Room?  A control room allows any type…

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office furniture checklist

Office Furniture Checklist: The Four Most Common Types of Office Furniture

By Office Space Design

It’s time to complete that office, and the one thing you will definitely need is furniture. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult to find out what exactly you will need. More often than not, picking out the right furniture is dependent on what kind of office you are in, what industry you work in and who will be using the furniture. Four Main Types of Office Furniture In general, there are four basic types of furniture you will need for your office: Desks: A desk is a must for every office, no matter the type. It provides a space for…

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Can I Claim Office Furniture On My Taxes?

By Office Best Practices, Taxes

When building your office, every penny counts. All business owners know that one can claim expenses on their taxes, which helps to boost net profits and lower their tax bill. The way this works is through tax deductions. Essentially, you take the price of a deductible expense from your gross profits – what happens is you are taxed on what is left over after deductions. Is Office Furniture Tax Deductible? The creation of your office opens up many opportunities for tax deductions. Many expenses that are required for the running and opening of your business are deductible, such as rent,…

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office furniture after spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning? What to Get Rid of In Your Office

By Office Best Practices, Office Space Design

Spring is here, and there’s a strong chance that you’ve already noticed that your office could use a little sprucing up as you stare out the dusty window. Whether your office sat empty while people were doing remote work or it got cluttered after a busy season, doing some spring cleaning now will help everyone get motivated to increase their productivity. The general cleanliness of your office space also says a lot to customers and clients about how your company does business. People tend to make judgments about doing business with someone based on their office space, and you don’t…

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network operations center

Everything You Need to Know About Network Operations Center Design

By Industry Information, Network Operation Centers

A network operations center is the heartbeat of an organization. It is the central location where all network activity is monitored and controlled. Additionally, its design must take into account the specific needs of the organization it will be supporting. Its ideal configuration will vary depending on the size of the organization and the type of networks being managed. Here, we discuss some of the key considerations when designing a network operation center. We will also take a look at some furniture options that can help make yours more streamlined and effective. What is a Network Operations Center? A network…

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what is a control room

What is a Control Room?: Five Different Types of Control Rooms

By Control Room Design, Control Room Solutions

In terms of operations, control rooms are the mind and heart of monitoring and management practices. Smooth and well-defined operations are the name of the game in any control room, as well as a distinct chain of command and clear procedural guidelines set forth by a control room manager. What is a Control Room? By definition, a control room is a central location where technicians and managers manage the everyday operations—as well as maintain and enact crisis operations—for a given entity. Whether it’s a control room for a police station, refinery, or other process-intensive company or organization, the control room…

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