how to start a hedge fund

How to Start a Hedge Fund, from Money to Office and More

By | Hedge Funds

The vast world of hedge fund investment is both lucrative and risky. Being both an example of American economy innovation and the subject of media vilification, there’s no mystery that creating and running a hedge fund is no easy task. While we are setting out to tell you how to start a hedge fund, the first step is initially understanding what a hedge fund is. At its core, a hedge fund is a partnership between investors and a fund manager. Some hedge funds are made up of thousands of investors with valuation in the billions, while other smaller hedge funds…

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what is a control room

What is a Control Room: Five Different Types of Control Rooms

By | Control Room Design

In terms of operations, control rooms are the mind and heart of monitoring and management practices. Smooth and well-defined operations are the name of the game in any control room, as well as a distinct chain of command and clear procedural guidelines set forth by a control room manager. What is a Control Room? As a definition, a control room is a central location where technicians and managers manage the everyday operations—as well as maintain and enact crisis operations—for a given entity. Whether it’s a control room for a police station, refinery, or other process-intensive company or organization, the control…

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office furniture checklist

Office Furniture Checklist: The Four Most Common Types of Office Furniture

By | Office Space Design

It’s time to complete that office, and one thing you definitely will need is furniture. It can be difficult to find out what exactly you will need. That is dependent on what kind of office you are, what industry you work in, and who will be using the furniture. We’ve compiled a list of general types of office furniture most offices will need when they are setting up. As always, you can contact Saraval Industries for a detailed consultation to set up your office at (516)-768-9033 anytime. 1. Desks Most all people need desks to work. The question is, what…

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Guide to Control Room Compliance

By | Control Room Design

The Lowdown on Control Room Compliance With all the recent information breaches and financial crashes of the past few years, financial institutions and information technology companies are focusing closely on compliance. As one of the fastest-growing fields in these industries, there is currently a shortage of professionals with all the requisite skills to be effective control room compliance officers, often called an “immature” field. Definition Control Room Compliance is the function of a company to report to executive boards, regulators, and research departments about the legality of varying processes and products. The control room compliance officer is a person who…

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network operations center

Everything You Need to Know About Network Operations Centers

By | Industry Information, Network Operation Centers

What is a NOC Engineer? In our ever-increasingly connected world, the role of computer networks has become paramount in the overall architecture of business operations. For larger organizations, the importance of having reliable access to computer networks can mean the difference between success and failure.   What is a NOC?   NOC stands for “network operations center,” a central location where monitoring, maintenance, and control over access to a network is managed. Most often set in a separate room with a large video display and rows of desks for NOC specialists and engineers, personnel monitor the network from the video…

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ergonomic furniture in open office setting

What is Ergonomic Office Furniture

By | Industry Information, Office Space Design

The Lowdown on Ergonomics Ergonomics. It’s that word that any furniture retailer and manufacturer will throw out there to express how a user will feel comfortable using their product over others. But, what many people don’t know is that ergonomics is in itself a science. Researchers the world over—and throughout history—have worked to make people more productive, happier, and ultimately more safe through the study of ergonomics. We decided to lay down some facts on ergonomics, so that the buzz word you read when looking at office furniture means something more than just “comfort.” The Definition According to the International…

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top industries in new york

What Are The Top Industries in New York City?

By | Industry Information, Trading

New York City is in many ways the economic capital of the world. In terms of single metropolitan areas, it is the most influential market in the country as companies all around the nation and the world have made their headquarters—or major centers of operation—in the city. Nearly all these cardinal industries have large office complexes and facilities, employing literally millions of workers in varying capacities. From Wall Street to Madison Avenue, there is no shortage of office buildings where some of the highest-paid and prestigious professionals in their fields conduct their day-to-day. As such, New York City has become…

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10 Tips for How to Get Back to Work After the Holidays

By | Office Best Practices

2018 is here, and the time to get back to work is nigh. Often, we take time to reflect on the previous year and figure out what we want to do to make the new year greater than before. Even more often, we’re returning from vacation wishing, honestly, that it would never end! But, we at Saraval Industries think that what is key to making your 2018 a great one is creating a new perspective for yourself. Here are ten suggestions for how you can make 2018 a year of making yourself anew, from jazzing up the office space to…

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stand up desks health benefits

Standing Desks Health Benefits and Does this Craze Have Legs?

By | Office Best Practices, Office Space Design

You’ve heard it before. Standing desks are quickly becoming an integral part of the office. Modern offices are sometimes only using standing desks, while traditional offices are quickly catching on to the craze. But, it’s more than a craze. Doctors around the country are increasingly recommending using standing desks because their health benefits help combat the new-age notion that “sitting is the new smoking.” While it’s important to factor in your own circumstance while considering a lifestyle change, the word is in that standing desks could have major health benefits, both wide-ranging and long-lasting. The ergonomic benefits and long-lasting health…

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Cryptocurrency’s Effect on Investing Trends

By | Investing, Trading

Investors were skeptical when cryptocurrency first appeared on the market, as an open-source software in 2009. Many are still skeptical. However, the impact of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin can’t be overlooked. The original cryptocurrency and perhaps biggest success story, Bitcoin has seen a meteoric rise in value over the last few years — and anyone who invested early and held onto their Bitcoins is surely pleased with their decision today. But are Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies smart investment moves, or is this a bubble that’s about to burst? It depends who you ask. What is cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is a form…

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