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The 18 Best Stock and Futures Trading Schools Online

By | Trading

So you want to be a trader?   Whether it’s on the stock exchange floor, or from the comfort of your own bedroom, the options for stock and futures trading mean there’s more participation and more competition for the financial gains to be had with trading.   What You’ll Find Here:   Free Stock Trading Courses Paid Stock Trading Courses Beginner Stock Trading Courses Intermediate Stock Trading Courses Algorithmic Stock Trading Courses Forex Trading Courses Futures Trading Courses AI Trading Courses   The Average Salary of a Stock Trader   The average salary for a stock trader is much different…

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top industries in new york

What Are The Top Industries in New York City?

By | Industry Information, Trading

New York City is in many ways the economic capital of the world. In terms of single metropolitan areas, it is the most influential market in the country as companies all around the nation and the world have made their headquarters—or major centers of operation—in the city. Nearly all these cardinal industries have large office complexes and facilities, employing literally millions of workers in varying capacities. From Wall Street to Madison Avenue, there is no shortage of office buildings where some of the highest-paid and prestigious professionals in their fields conduct their day-to-day. As such, New York City has become…

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New York 911 Dispatcher

How to Become a 911 Dispatcher in New York

By | Emergency Dispatch

If there’s any other heroes in emergencies besides police, EMT’s, and firefighters, it’s the 911 dispatcher. Within just a few quick seconds, the dispatcher has to figure out what the emergency is, where it’s taking place, and getting emergency first responders on the way as fast as possible. It’s not a job for people who are good on the phones – it’s a job for someone who works well under pressure.  That’s because every call is potentially a life-threatening emergency, and often the caller’s life is in the dispatchers hands, if only for a few seconds. That’s why dispatchers go…

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office manager at desk

What are the Major Drivers of Unethical Managerial Behavior?

By | Office Best Practices

In any business organization, ethics is of the utmost importance. Business ethics is what helps members of an organization – from c-suite and executive level players to entry-level employees – determine whether an action is positive or negative for the employer. But, unethical managerial behavior is an issue that can irreparably harm an organization, both internally and externally. Which are the drivers of unethical managerial behavior? Everyone has a reason for doing what they do, and unethical business practices are often perpetrated for some type of personal gain. Some of the drivers of unethical managerial behavior include:      Profit…

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Tips for Hiring A Stockbroker

By | Investing

You’re getting ready to hire a stockbroker for either yourself, or for your company. It’s an important step for your finances, so you need to make sure you make the right choice. There are thousands of stockbrokers out there, and even more people that call themselves stockbrokers, but are anything but. Many people are beginning to buy and sell securities on their own, and consider that proper experience to get a job as a stockbroker. We’re here to tell you that is not the case. Becoming a stockbroker is not easy, and only truly talented professionals become actual stockbrokers. Let’s…

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Social Impact Investing: What Is It?

By | Investing

Making money can be a dirty business. But, that means it doesn’t have to be! As our economy moves into the future, more and more investors are thinking about how they can have a positive impact on the world. It’s no secret that industries like fossil fuels, agriculture, and manufacturing create pollution, and the defense industry is always creating new weapons for conflicts around the world. As we explore the world of social impact investing, you’ll find that there are incredible opportunities not only to help the world, but can also be lucrative for the savvy investor. What is Social…

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The Cons of Standing Desks

By | General, Office Best Practices, Office Space Design

Several months back, we explored the benefits of standing desks. But, as with everything good, there is always a bad side. Some time back, the craze around standing desks lit the furniture and office design world alight. Scores of people started flocking to the standing desk, believing it was a revolution in office work life. Read about the craze: 7 Benefits of a Standing Desk – As stated above, the news about standing desks isn’t all good. From different types of back pain to muscle fatigue, there are definitely negative aspects of this furniture craze. Read below some of…

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How to Create a Multiple Monitor Setup with 2 or More Displays

By | Office Best Practices, Office Space Design

For high-powered computer users – regardless of the industry – having multiple screens can help increase productivity and give you an edge on how you’re perceiving your projects. This is especially true for traders, dispatch,  and control room operators. Having multiple monitors is important because you can dedicate a full screen to multiple tasks. Often, people will display different parts of the same process on multiple screens to cut down on having to switch back and forth between screens. We’ve put together a quick guide on how to set up multiple screens on one computer. This includes the hardware you’ll…

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team discussing how to plan for an office move

How to Organize an Office Move in Five Easy Steps

By | Office Space Design

Your office is getting ready to move. While this is generally a major event for any company, it often signifies some sort of major transformation happening with the organization – either growth or shrinking. It’s easy to understand why this is a stressful time for any office manager. Most people have had to move from one living situation to another, but in terms of offices most people have never had this kind of undertaking on their plate. That’s why we’ve put together five points of consideration for moving an office that we see in almost every case. The considerations –…

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The Most Promising FinTech Startups in NYC

By | Startups

The Financial Tech industry – FinTech for short – brings two of the most powerful elements of business together. While New York City has been a finance capital for decades, the emergence of FinTech startups have changed the game forever. But not all FinTech startups are created equal. To be a truly valuable investment, FinTech startups typically need to find novel ways to solve common problems. That’s why many of the successful startups offer services accessible to the general population. We’ve put together a list of the four most promising FinTech startups in NYC right now, with a quick explanation…

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