Everything You Need to Know About Network Operations Centers

network operations center

What is a NOC Engineer?

In our ever-increasingly connected world, the role of computer networks has become paramount in the overall architecture of business operations. For larger organizations, the importance of having reliable access to computer networks can mean the difference between success and failure.


What is a NOC?


NOC stands for “network operations center,” a central location where monitoring, maintenance, and control over access to a network is managed. Most often set in a separate room with a large video display and rows of desks for NOC specialists and engineers, personnel monitor the network from the video display and address any issues with regards to security, connectivity, and improvements to a network.


What is the purpose of a NOC?


Most often, the large video screen displays information about the general workings of a network. If the security of a network is compromised—such as in the case of a Denial-of-Service (DoS) attack—or there is some hardware or software issue with the network, engineers and specialists can use the large video display to coordinate efforts to solve the problem.


What Kinds of Organizations Use NOC’s?

Large organizations that have a need for extensive networks will often have in-house NOC’s. Large corporations, universities, and government agencies among many others will have their own sophisticated NOC’s with staff to address problems whenever they come up.


What is a NOC Engineer? 

An NOC Engineer is someone who actually manages the NOC. Solutions for connectivity and security problems, as well as enacting changes to improve the efficiency of a network, are designed and implemented by an NOC engineer.

NOC engineers will also oversee and manage basic functions of the NOC, including monitoring temperature of hardware and installation of new equipment, and keep an eye on usage of the network.


What is a NOC Specialist?

An NOC specialist is someone who often works under a NOC engineer. These professionals are the staff that typically enact the changes and operations designed by the NOC engineer.


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