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If you are in the security or surveillance industry, every movement counts. To be effective, your security office, control room, and surveillance space must have the right setup to support your security and monitoring efforts. If you’re the decision-maker, you may be tasked with laying out the configuration of your space. These pieces are not necessarily off-the-shelf items, and they require customization to fit into your environment.

Saraval Industries, the leader in technical furniture for security and surveillance industries, has put together this explainer that discusses how to choose the right furniture or technical consoles for your business.

New vs. Used Security Furniture

Purchasing industry-specific technical furniture and consoles requires the same amount of due diligence as integrating new software and hardware, maybe even more. The typical security or surveillance room setup requires furniture layouts and storage options that can accommodate the specific needs of the operation. One of the important decisions to consider when implementing this task is whether you go for used or new security room furniture for your security office and surveillance room setups.

Used Furniture

Used security office furniture can be an economical choice for any size space, and they function and look as good as new. Places like Saraval Industries will encourage you to come view the furniture beforehand so that you can see first hand the quality proposed. Purchasing used technical furniture can also drastically reduce the lead times encountered when buying new.

New Furniture

Buying new security office furniture is ideal if you’re looking for specifics, such as custom sizes, shape options, and upgraded finishes. Or, if you are looking to only purchase a portion of your furniture now and add on down the road, buying new makes that a slight bit easier. Purchasing new will cost you quite a bit more and add to your lead time, however, the additional options that become available may be worth the trade-off.  New furniture does typically come with some sort of warranty if that is a deciding factor.  

Security Office Setup(s)

When it comes to setting up a security office, there are several factors to consider. From the type of security control room furniture you need to the customizations available, every detail matters when creating an effective security office setup.

Consider the Specifics of the Security Industry

The security industry is a broad field, so it’s important to consider the specifics of your industry and business before investing in furniture. For instance, security guards for a data center may need a security desk or desks with adjustable heights and shelves for additional storage space. On the other hand, if you are a security guard that works at an airport security checkpoint, you may require a more durable setup with specialized features like light indicators that alert security personnel to any activity.

Consider Your Security Control Room Setup

Your security office setup needs to accommodate any equipment, technology, and personnel that must be present in the room. From computers and monitors to the security console that houses them, having the right technical furniture helps create an efficient control room. Additionally, making sure your setup is ergonomic, with adjustable desks and chairs for comfortable seating, will help ensure the highest levels of security.

Consider the Consoles Needed for Security

Console furniture is the most important element of a security office setup. They provide storage space for equipment and tools, as well as a place for personnel to monitor activity and make adjustments if needed. Consoles should be specialized for your industry; for example, you may need a security station that can be self-enclosed to provide protection from the external elements if it is located on an exterior loading dock. Saraval Industries offers a wide variety of security console options to meet your needs, ranging from basic workstations to fully customized options.

Surveillance Room Setup(s)

Surveillance room setups are essential for the security and safety of businesses, as well as for monitoring operations. Personnel that work in the surveillance agency need to be able to both monitor and control activities without interference.

Consider the Specifics of the Surveillance Industry

Just like security offices, surveillance room setups must be tailored to meet the specific needs of the industry for the best success. Surveillance room furniture used in a bank or retail store will be different from those used by police officers or security guards. For example, police officers may require a setup that includes multiple console workstations where the operators are viewing multiple large screen video monitors on a monitor wall, while the security team at a retail store may sit a main console workstation that supports multiple smaller screens and needs more digital storage capacity to manage their recorded footage.

Consider Your Surveillance Control Room Setups

For efficient surveillance operations, it’s important to consider the layout of your control room. If you do not have enough space, you may want to look into customized console furniture that can help maximize your available space. When planning, also consider the personal space of your operators. They will need a design for ergonomic clearance purposes, along with sufficient storage for all their operational equipment.

Consider the Console Types Needed for Surveillance

Operators need to surveil their premises with the best console. Depending on the type of security business, you may need console furniture that can accommodate multiple monitors and keyboards, as well as support additional features, like built-in light indicators, to alert personnel of any activity. Saraval represents the world’s top manufacturers of Surveillance Console Furniture and has designers and engineers ready and waiting to assist you. 

Additional Things to Consider

From proper lighting to control room trends, there are many factors of security and surveillance office setups to consider besides the furniture. They include:

  • Budget – If cost is a major consideration, you will need to work closely with your technical furniture vendor to ensure you get the best quality furniture for your budget.
  • Feedback from personnel – Make sure you get feedback from security personnel on the types of furniture they prefer to use.
  • Configurability – Look for technology and furniture that can easily be reconfigured to accommodate different operators and tasks.
  • Protection – You want to protect personnel from the spread of germs. Acrylic partitions can help accomplish this. Plus, they give a professional look to your control room.
  • Aesthetics – Take a strategic approach to choosing the finishes of your consoles and how they integrate with your surroundings.. For instance, the right combination of aesthetics can bring a sense of calm to the room, leading to improved personnel morale.
  • Lighting – Proper lighting can help reduce eyestrain, improve visibility and create an environment conducive to productivity. Natural lighting will even reset circadian rhythms, which benefits can reach into restless operators’ homes to provide a well-deserved restful night of sleep.
  • Monitor support – The right adjustable arms allow operators to view multiple monitors without straining their necks. Control room consoles and technical furniture need to be able to support the size and configuration of monitors that meet your needs.
  • Control room trends – Control room personnel are leveraging Internet Protocol (IP) technology to monitor and control multiple systems, which requires the right setup.

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