Standing Desks Health Benefits and Does this Craze Have Legs?

stand up desks health benefits

You’ve heard it before. Standing desks are quickly becoming an integral part of the office. Modern offices are sometimes only using standing desks, while traditional offices are quickly catching on to the craze.

But, it’s more than a craze. Doctors around the country are increasingly recommending using standing desks because their health benefits help combat the new-age notion that “sitting is the new smoking.”

While it’s important to factor in your own circumstance while considering a lifestyle change, the word is in that standing desks could have major health benefits, both wide-ranging and long-lasting.

The ergonomic benefits and long-lasting health impacts of standing instead of sitting are wide-ranging and numerous. From a decreased risk of cancer and diabetes, to better psychological health and improved mood, it’s hard to completely capture the benefits of standing desks.

Think about it this way—how often do you spend sitting per day? You sit in your car, sit at work, and when you come home you’re most likely relaxing before going to sleep. The biggest part of your day is the time spent at work.

This means that buying a standing desk could cut out at least a quarter of a day sitting, which over a year calculates to about two months of sitting eliminated a year, just with a small lifestyle change. It’s difficult to truly calculate the health benefits of standing desks, but it’s easy to imagine the impact it can have on your overall health when thinking about it in this way.

Whether your office already has standing desks, or you need to pony up the money yourself, you can take your health into your own hands and join the revolution.

Standing Desks Health Benefits

Read below for the top five health benefits for standing desks, and become a part of the revolution.

  1. Preventing Cancer – Yes, cancer. While we’re often assaulted with the many, many causes of cancer being discovered seemingly almost daily, one leading cause is inactivity. Breast and colon cancer, according to a 2011 study, see almost 50,000 diagnoses which are related to inactivity.
  2. Preventing Obesity – This one is pretty obvious, but the less you move, the less your burn. If you add up all the time you spend sitting per day, that six- to eight-hour work day can add up over the years. Getting moving more often, and sitting less, can have a serious impact on the amount of calories you burn.
  3. Improving PostureBad posture is a leading cause of back pain. Ask yourself, and other workers in your office: “How often do you experience back pain?” This is most likely attributed to hunching over your desk for hours at a time. You won’t feel the effects immediately though—it’s through prolonged bad posture that you can develop chronic back pain.
  4. Preventing Diabetes – Even more bad news for standard desk users. Standing more throughout the day is associated with lowering blood sugar levels, which can help fight Type 2 Diabetes. Each time you eat, your blood sugar levels rise significantly for a period of time, and prolonged exposure to heightened blood sugar can cause diabetes. The Department of Clinical Sciences and Nutrition found in 2014 that standing more often can lead to lower blood sugar spikes, thus helping to fend off diabetes.This is important to consider because of the long-ranging effects of diabetes on quality of life. Each day you have to worry about how food is going to affect you in a major way. Along with the costs of medication that needs to be used daily, standing desks quickly become an investment not only in your health, but your finances as well!
  5. Improving Your Mood – If you work out daily, you know that after a great regimen your mood and outlook is elevated. This is in part because your muscles are working to keep you standing, which requires circulation. While sitting slows down blood circulation, standing helps keep circulation in a constant state of healthy flow, which will over time have significant mental and physical benefits.

A better posture is also closely associated with mood. A study by the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback shows that posture has an overarching effect on mood. Imagine how your productivity is impacted by your mood at work!

Time to Act

Choosing the right standing desk is also important. We at Saraval Industries carry a wide range of standing desks at affordable prices because we know that making this investment now can save you money, health, and potentially quality of life. With our selection, you can factor important considerations in your choice, such as how far away your screen needs to be, how high your setup should be, and even style and color so you can make the right choice that fits you. Join the revolution now and check out the used standing desks for sale now in our shop.

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