The Most Promising FinTech Startups in NYC

By March 13, 2019 Startups

The Financial Tech industry – FinTech for short – brings two of the most powerful elements of business together. While New York City has been a finance capital for decades, the emergence of FinTech startups have changed the game forever.

But not all FinTech startups are created equal. To be a truly valuable investment, FinTech startups typically need to find novel ways to solve common problems. That’s why many of the successful startups offer services accessible to the general population.

We’ve put together a list of the four most promising FinTech startups in NYC right now, with a quick explanation for why we stand behind them. You’ll see that these startups are out there solving problems that the everyman faces every day, but with a particular elegance that seemingly will bring them success.

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Status Money

So many people will wonder privately – and with extreme anxiety – how they stack up financially with their peers. That’s where Status Money comes in.

Status Money takes your financial information, from your income and debt to savings and investments, and compares them with a data pool of people in your specific age group. This allows people to anonymously compare their financial health with others, giving them action steps to up their game.

Status Money’s data has also been used for academic research, and this feature is set to take off in 2019. With the detailed financial data of thousands of people – and we believe that number will increase exponentially – this company could become an extreme asset to economists and policy makers in short time.



One of the most cumbersome processes for small- to medium-sized businesses is controlling employee expenses. TeamPay has come up with a platform that allows managers and owners to confidently and conveniently track these expenses.

The real value of TeamPay is its ability to feed data into accounting programs such as Quickbooks automatically. Companies can also track spending on company credit cards, and the information is presented to accounting departments allowing for in-depth analysis of spending habits. Considered long overdue, TeamPay is poised to be a major player in B2B payment process innovations in the coming year.


Stash Invest

If there’s one financial tool that scares the everyman, it’s the stock market. With the complexities involved with investing, it’s no wonder that many people stay away from the potential benefits of having a robust stock portfolio. Say hello to Stash.

Stash offers a mobile platform that allows people to invest in aggregated funds based on interests, investing goals, and passions. For instance, you can directly invest in green technology with the push of a button.

Stash is also a leader in content that helps to explain many aspects of stocks and finance, and regularly sends communications to its users about specific funds and opportunities. Putting the power of the stock market in the palm of your hands, Stash is getting ready to change the investment industry forever.



The blockchain is a difficult market to dive into, and Consensys realizes this. With that knowledge, they’ve developed a remote-first platform that not only educates potential blockchain-based startups – they are building an incubation infrastructure to help blockchain entrepreneurs be successful.

Consensys’ focus is on Ethereum. Self-branded as a “venture production studio,” they offer funding in the form of Ethereum for startups, and run an “academy” where users have access to tons of materials that build a valuable base of knowledge. As one of the most exciting companies to take on the expansion of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, our bet is Consensys will help create strong players in the industry.

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