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As hedge fund management is an ever-changing world, it’s best to keep up on the latest trends from industry leaders.

Conferences are one of the best opportunities to hear from leaders in the industry of hedge fund management about new emerging markets, opportunities to optimize your investor operations, and get insider information on the hottest opportunities for new growth.

We’ve taken a look at some of the best hedge fund manager conferences in the country, starting in December and going into 2019. You’ll find there are many opportunities to get top-notch information about the industry, its future, and new developments your hedge fund can take advantage of to up your game.

1.   SALT

SALT is famed for having some of the most high profile speakers in the world of public policy, investing, and beyond. With previous speakers including former presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, along with Ben Bernanke and even General David Petraeus, attendees get an intimate look into the economic viewpoint of the world through its top leaders.

This conference—for which registration opens January 7, 2019—has also had investing industry giants the likes of AIG, 1888 Capital, and more all in attendance. As a chance to network with some of the biggest players on the world economic stage, you’d be doing a disservice not considering this conference.

2.   Private Debt Deal Flow Summit

If your firm has any stakes in private debt and private equity, this conference was made for you. Subjects for the upcoming December 5 conference include: State of the Industry, Deal-Flow Challenges in a Liquid Market, and Specialty Finance.

Speakers for this year include Brad Charchut of Bain Capital, Erica Frontiero of The Carlyle Group, and younger upstards including Ted Wong from The Firmament Group. For all things involving private debt, this conference brings many major players into the room for your educational benefit.

3.   InvestOPS

Technology is quickly changing the investing world, and will continue to do so for years to come. Perhaps the most valuable conference for COO’s of hedge funds, the InvestOPS conference brings over 300 leaders in the industry to inform us about the latest trends in investor operations.

Representatives from Calypso, Broadbridge, and BNY Mellon are all slated to speak next year in March, so there may be no better opportunity to take in high-level information from some of the biggest innovators in investor operations than InvestOPS.

4.   Global Indexing and ETFs

With 24 years under its belt, the Global Indexing and ETFs conference has proven itself as a nationally-recognized value for fund managers and individual powerhouse investors alike.

Currently the agenda for the 2019 conference is still being hashed out, but speakers for the 2018 conference included Brendan Ahern from Kraneshares, Mohannad Aama of Beam Capital Management, and Mike Arone from State Street Global Advisors.

5.   Fixed Income Emerging Markets Leaders Summit

Is your firm involved in fixed-income investments? It may be no surprise that there is a conference specifically for this market, whose opportunities and challenges are outlined in the Fixed Income Emerging Markets Leaders Summit.

Touted as the only major gathering of fixed income professionals in the world, over 200 investors and managers congregate each year to learn about new current trends in fixed income investments and about future trials and challenges from those who watch the industry most closely.

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