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Need to refresh your office — or are you in the process of putting together a new office space for your startup? Either way, office furniture is a major investment that requires careful planning and budgeting. One excellent way to save money on your office decorating is by buying used desks. Read on for more information about the benefits of buying second hand, as well as what you need to know in order to get the best results.

Why buy used office furniture?

The bottom line is… your bottom line. Buying used office furniture saves you money. Office furnishings depreciate in value at an astonishing rate, starting from the moment that it’s been purchased and set up. Even office furniture that has been very lightly used for only a couple of months can be purchased at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

Sometimes, companies rush into buying new furniture without putting adequate consideration into their long-term needs. They’ll purchase trendy pieces that they don’t really need, or find themselves needing to redesign the office when the furniture they have doesn’t keep up with growth. For this reason, there’s a huge amount of second hand office furniture on the market that is still in great condition. Profit off of others’ mistakes and buy their used pieces for yourself.

The cost savings aren’t just up front, either. If you buy high quality used pieces, they will still have years of life left, and you won’t need to replace them for a long time. On the other hand, if you buy inexpensive new furniture, it will be lower quality. Perhaps you could spend around the same amount of money on cheap new furniture as you could used quality furniture, but you’ll find it wearing out in a short period of time and requiring a replacement.

Finally, buying used office furniture has huge environmental benefits. Building new furniture uses natural resources and a great deal of energy. Purchasing used can save 90% of the resources and fossil fuel output that would be spent on acquiring new furnishings. It also prevents perfectly serviceable furniture from taking up space in a landfill. If your company is interested in making a commitment to the environment, purchasing used office furniture is a great place to start.

How to find the right used office furniture

Now, what do you need to know in order to buy the best second hand office setup? One of the most important ways to guarantee a successful purchase is to choose a trusted retailer. Look for testimonials from other customers to ensure that you’re buying from a source that stands by its products and is giving you what you’re paying for.

Additionally, work with the retailer to see what you’ll get with your purchase. Most retailers include delivery in the fees, but others will set up the furniture for you. Your best bet is to look for a full-service retailer who will include a consultation, delivery, and setup, even working with electricians and building managers to get your used cubicles, desks and chairs in full working order. Ideally, the service won’t even end there — inquire about warranties or money-back guarantees for full peace of mind.

Next, be sure that you are buying the right pieces that your staff need and will benefit from. Before purchasing used filing cabinets, consult with your employees to get a sense of the number and size that are needed. Consider your company’s technological needs and whether the used office furniture you’re purchasing will integrate well with it — can it hide cords? Are outlets built in? Will your conference room furniture work with video conferencing technology?

With careful consideration and the help of a trusted, full-service retailer, you’ll find yourself with dependable new-to-you office furnishings for a fraction of the price of buying new.

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