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Spring is here, and there’s a strong chance that you’ve already noticed that your office could use a little sprucing up as you stare out the dusty window. Whether your office sat empty while people were doing remote work or it got cluttered after a busy season, doing some spring cleaning now will help everyone get motivated to increase their productivity.

The general cleanliness of your office space also says a lot to customers and clients about how your company does business. People tend to make judgments about doing business with someone based on their office space, and you don’t want to come across as disorganized during your next big meeting. If you tend to dread spring cleaning at home, then you don’t have to worry. Spring cleaning office spaces often go faster since you won’t have to spend hours on yard work or scouring bathrooms.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

As with many work tasks, creating a checklist helps you to focus on the top things to do. You’ll also find it easier to work as a group when everyone has a checklist to help them stay on the same page. You can start with this basic checklist and add or subtract items as needed to fit your needs for a clean workspace.

  • Divide your office into zones
  • Appoint someone to be responsible for specific tasks
  • Identify hot spots (messy desks, broken office furniture, etc.)
  • Determine what needs to go
  • Make arrangements for bulk pick up
  • Gather cleaning supplies
  • Divide and conquer
  • Assess the final results


During your initial search for hot spots, you likely identified several common areas where clutter tends to build up. Paper clutter, such as overflowing files and desk piles, is easy to deal with when you create a digital filing system. Many common documents can easily be scanned and stored in electronic files. This helps you to clear the clutter, and having electronic copies can make documents more shareable among your team.

Furniture is another common item to turn into clutter. In the past, your office might’ve had a setup that included a space filled with many desks and chairs.  That can now be streamlined with fewer yet more versatile consoles that are designed to support a variety of people during multiple shifts which are becoming more popular as companies are offering multiple shifts to reduce office head counts. Or, you might be ready to clear out large full-size standard office furniture or workstations and update to a new or gently used benching system or standup desks that foster more collaboration out on the floor. Taking a good look at the current room design and furniture layout can help you identify areas where you can make changes that remove bulky clutter.

Deep Clean

With the clutter gone, you’ve got the perfect opportunity to make your office shine. Start by wiping down the furniture that you’ve decided to keep. As you do, make sure to look for signs of damage such as deep scratches, wobbly legs or broken drawers that signal a need for them to be replaced. You can also use this opportunity to wipe down dusty shelves and inside drawers so that everything looks brand new when you are ready to start re-stocking the supplies.

Depending upon your current office cleaning routine, you might need to arrange for professional services such as window washing and floor treatments. Don’t forget to check the ceilings for cobwebs and to give any plants a good dusting.


There’s something about seeing a clean drawer or desktop that makes it easier to get organized. Now, you’ll want to gather your office supplies and create groupings of like items so that you can properly store them away. Baskets and bins are great for keeping small items, such as paper clips and staplers, from getting jostled up in drawers.

If you have a multi-person workspace, then you might also want to designate a space for each person to store their personal items along with another area for shared supplies. As you find a place for each item, remember that labels can help everyone understand the system. When people know where things go, your office is more likely to stay organized.

Removal of Unwanted Furniture

Trying to liquidate office furniture can quickly become a monumental and expensive chore all by itself. Most of the items in your office are made very well and still have life left in them, they just no longer serve your purpose or design ideas. While some items are only able to be liquidated, others can, with the right skill set, be refinished and repurposed.  Hiring someone to haul away the unwanted furniture quickly gets expensive, and it might feel wasteful to see all of those materials just get tossed into the compactor truck.

Finding a company like Saraval that is looking for used furniture is one way to not only offset your liquidation cost but your company will get bonus points for doing what it can to preserve precious natural resources. Saraval Industries offers an environmentally-friendly way to spring clean this season by teaming with liquidators and removing certain types of office furniture, workstations or consoles that we feel can still be used in the industry.  

You can check out Saraval Industry’s new/refurbished office furniture gallery here

Let Saraval Industries Help You Clear Out the Clutter

We’re always on alert for office furniture that will work within the industries that we serve, and we could even fund the removal of items from your workspace As you clean, remember that we also have refurbished furniture that can help you round out your office design for an efficient space that fosters collaboration and productivity. 

Whether you have a desk to remove or need solutions, we’re here to make your spring cleaning a breeze. Simply call us at (516)-768-9033 or contact us online for a free quote. Our team will be happy to help!

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