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When it comes down to it, the office furniture that you choose makes a huge difference in your company’s bottom line. Considering that the typical employee spends hours at their workstation each day, the wrong chair or desk can lead to chronic aches and pains along with reduced energy that impacts their productivity.

Today, we know more than ever before about the importance of ergonomics in the workplace. Standing furniture allows people to perform their work duties in a position that fosters better health, comfort and positivity that leads to increased productivity. Standing office furniture fits into a wide range of industries, and choosing to incorporate flexibility in your team’s workspace offers benefits that transform how everyone conducts business.

Build a Better Home Office

With more workers moving to remote positions, it is quite possible that you’re tasked with setting up your own workspace. Working from home gives you the benefit of being able to get up and move around without distracting anyone else. Yet, one of the biggest complaints that people make about working from home is feeling stuck in the same position all day.
Standing desks make it possible for you to move around and avoid those dreaded muscle aches. You’ll love being able to maintain the posture that helps you keep your focus while also being able to sit down whenever you want.

Respond Quickly to Emergencies with Standing Workstations

Prison control guards, air traffic controllers and public safety dispatchers all tend to work long hours that leave them vulnerable to mental fatigue. Standing up helps people in all of these positions keep their mental processes flowing so that they can quickly respond to emergency situations when seconds count.
Security and control room consoles can be designed to allow guards and controllers to stand up and continue to monitor their screens if they begin to experience mental fog or aches from sitting. In other words, being able to change their position could mean the difference between life and death during a major security breach or another type of emergency.

Adapt to Changing Work Tasks with an Adjustable Standing Desk

There are some times when standing up might not be the best way to approach a task. Your management team may prefer to sit when they are conducting interviews or one-on-one coaching sessions. Adjustable desks make it possible for your employees to quickly go from a standing to a sitting position with just a few minor adjustments to their workspace.

Streamline Collaboration and Decision Making

When your employees are expected to think on their feet, standing office furniture puts them in the right position for making rapid decisions. Whether you’ve got a team of day traders or are building a collaborative environment for tech geniuses, standing desks make it possible for them to easily move around and share information.

Standing generates a sense of energy that helps keep the blood flowing to the brain during times when your team needs to make rapid judgments. We can even help you go the extra mile by offering workstations that allow for each individual to adjust their section of the table to fit their desire to sit or stand.

Promote Better Health among Your Employees

Many jobs require your employees to be in peak physical condition. Unfortunately, some of your team’s most essential work tasks put them at risk for developing health issues such as gaining too much weight or experiencing back pain. This can lead to issues such as a slow response from your security or prison control team.

Sitting too long can also reduce blood flow to essential parts of your employees’ bodies such as their brains and eyes. For people in careers such as air traffic control, having good eyesight and the ability to quickly comprehend what they see are important functions needed for protecting the public’s safety. Allowing these employees to stand during their workday helps them to preserve their senses, muscular strength and flexibility.

Saraval Industries for Your Standing Office Furniture

The concept of sitting behind a desk all day no longer works well for many common work environments. Instead, employees are asking for office furniture that provides them with the option of continuing to manage their work duties without having to experience all the negative aspects that come from sitting around all day.

Whether you’re setting up a home office or a multi-unit emergency dispatch call center, Saraval Industries has a solution for every budget and design plan that will help you outfit your workspace with the top standing desks to meet everyone’s needs. Reach out to us today at (516)768-9033 to get a free quote on used and new technical furniture that inspires your employees to reach new heights with their creativity and productivity.

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