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Emergency Operations Center

4 Ways to Design an EOC: Emergency Operations Center Layout for Crisis

By Emergency Dispatch

When disaster strikes New York City, or any other municipality, agencies have to act fast to coordinate the response. Lives, property and safety all depend on the rapid response and efforts that the police, firefighters and other emergency medical service personnel put forth. To do these critical jobs, these agencies all depend on a central facility known as an Emergency Operations Center. What is an Emergency Operations Center? An Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is a secure facility where management decisions are made and coordinated responses are orchestrated in relation to emergency incidents. Responses include allocating resources, providing information management and…

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how to create a dog friendly office

How to Design a Dog Friendly Office — And Why

By Office Best Practices, Office Space Design

Having pets at work is becoming all the rage. Though the policy is generally associated with hip startups or animal-centric businesses, the workplace perk of allowing pets is beginning to spread into the mainstream. Welcoming four-legged office mates undoubtedly brings unique challenges into the work environment, but evidence suggests it may be worth the hurdles. Benefits of a Dog Friendly Office People love their dogs — according to a recent survey, over 54 million American households have a dog, and 65 percent of those regard their pet as a member of the family. People are happier when they can be…

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Work from Home Desks

The Best Work from Home Desks

By Work from Home Furniture

A work desk is a big part of any home office set up, so you will want to get one that is uniquely suited to your physicality for the best success. However, people come in all shapes and sizes, so finding the most suitable one can often be challenging. In light of that, we have put together a list of the best work from home desks to help with your choice! Best Standing Desk for the Money Eureka Ergonomic Writing Computer Desk If you’re looking for a simple work from home desk solution, there are plenty of high-value, bare-bones options…

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how to start a hedge fund

How to Start a Hedge Fund, from Money to Office and More

By Hedge Funds

The vast world of hedge fund investment is both lucrative and risky. Being both an example of American economy innovation and the subject of media vilification, there’s no mystery that creating and running a hedge fund is no easy task. While we are setting out to tell you how to start a hedge fund, the first step is initially understanding what a hedge fund is. At its core, a hedge fund is a partnership between investors and a fund manager. Some hedge funds are made up of thousands of investors with valuation in the billions, while other smaller hedge funds…

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New York Skyline

6 Major New York Industries Fueling the Economy in 2021

By New York

When it comes to the financial market, it’s difficult to predict what the future holds with a high degree of certainty. Nonetheless, researchers, investment strategists and financial analysts make predictions for what we can expect in the year ahead when it comes to the stock market.  Fortunately, one prediction they generally have consensus on is that the global economy will rebound and grow as vaccine distribution ramps up throughout the year. Additionally, they say you can expect around a 5.5 percent uptick in the economic output in 2021 that is a continuation of the economic recovery that started back in…

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10 Tips for How to Get Back to Work After the Holidays

By Office Best Practices

2018 is here, and the time to get back to work is nigh. Often, we take time to reflect on the previous year and figure out what we want to do to make the new year greater than before. Even more often, we’re returning from vacation wishing, honestly, that it would never end! But, we at Saraval Industries think that what is key to making your 2018 a great one is creating a new perspective for yourself. Here are ten suggestions for how you can make 2018 a year of making yourself anew, from jazzing up the office space to…

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trading floor desks and furniture

Why Buy Used or Pre-Owned Office Furniture

By Office Best Practices No Comments

Why Buy Pre-Owned? First and foremost, Saraval warehouses a large number of complete workstations and used trading desks along with monitor arms & file pedestals in an effort to provide immediate delivery of a complete multi-monitor trading desk. There’s no doubt that new trading desks and technical furniture are expensive. Many small and medium sized businesses simply can’t afford to buy new. Buying pre-owned is much more cost effective, saving up to 80%.  You can see the used desks for sale that we currently offer. Saraval can customize the look of your project by manufacturing new end panels in the color…

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personal protection screens used in New York Emergency Office

How New York Emergency Offices are Staying Safe with plexiglass shields

By Protection Screens

As New York Emergency offices continue to reopen, they are working to ensure the health and safety of their operators. One way they are doing this is to install personal partition screens to help them stay safe at the workplace. Saraval Industries has been working directly with our manufacturing allies to ensure our high-end plexiglass operator barriers get to the front lines.  Plexiglass Shields Address COVID-19 Risks With the COVID-19 virus still active in the U.S., many companies have developed equipment and products that are outlined within COVID-19 prevention sections of their reopening plans. Eliminating the hazard altogether is the…

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BBVA Trading Floor

Which Layout is Right for Your Trading Floor?

By Trading

The way trading rooms look has changed a great deal in recent years thanks to the introduction of new communications and computer systems, but the basic open-plan layout still dominates. Most of the desks traders use now have innovative cable management systems. Some even feature water or CO2 cooling technology, but they are usually still arranged in a traditional way. This is because line of sight and instant communication is very important on a trading floor, and placing traders in cubicles or offices would increase the time they spend walking to and from each other’s work stations and reduce the…

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Used Standing Desks

The Benefits of Buying Used Desks

By Used Desks

If you are opening or expanding a business, you probably have a laundry list of things to do and items to buy. Finding quality office furniture is likely close to or at the top of your list since it is challenging to work productively without it. But should you go all out and buy a new desk or save yourself some money by looking for a pre-owned bargain? Here are just a few of the reasons why buying a used desk could make far more sense. As good as new: Buying a used desk does not mean that your office…

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