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ergonomic furniture in open office setting

What is Ergonomic Office Furniture

By Industry Information, Office Space Design

The Lowdown on Ergonomics Ergonomics. It’s that word that any furniture retailer and manufacturer will throw out there to express how a user will feel comfortable using their product over others. But, what many people don’t know is that ergonomics is in itself a science. Researchers the world over—and throughout history—have worked to make people more productive, happier, and ultimately more safe through the study of ergonomics. We decided to lay down some facts on ergonomics, so that the buzz word you read when looking at office furniture means something more than just “comfort.” The Definition According to the International…

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Cryptocurrency’s Effect on Investing Trends

By Investing, Trading

Investors were skeptical when cryptocurrency first appeared on the market, as an open-source software in 2009. Many are still skeptical. However, the impact of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin can’t be overlooked. The original cryptocurrency and perhaps biggest success story, Bitcoin has seen a meteoric rise in value over the last few years — and anyone who invested early and held onto their Bitcoins is surely pleased with their decision today. But are Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies smart investment moves, or is this a bubble that’s about to burst? It depends who you ask. What is cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is a form…

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Investment Banking vs Corporate Finance

Comparing Careers in Investment Banking vs Corporate Finance

By Careers, Trading

Understanding Differences in Job Responsibilities, Hours and More Investment banking and corporate finance both present attractive career options — they can both be lucrative, challenging and exciting jobs that present plenty of opportunities for growth. Finance students will find either option very promising, as success is all but guaranteed as long as you’re willing to work hard. The background and skills required are similar, and oftentimes professionals in finance will move from one field to the other at some point in their careers. Differences in job responsibilities One big difference between corporate finance and investment banking is that the corporate…

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what to know about used office furniture

What You Need to Know About Buying Used Office Furniture

By Office Space Design

Need to refresh your office — or are you in the process of putting together a new office space for your startup? Either way, office furniture is a major investment that requires careful planning and budgeting. One excellent way to save money on your office decorating is by buying used desks. Read on for more information about the benefits of buying second hand, as well as what you need to know in order to get the best results. Why buy used office furniture? The bottom line is… your bottom line. Buying used office furniture saves you money. Office furnishings depreciate…

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How to Brand Your Office Space

By Office Space Design

In business these days, brand is everything. Companies will pass up no opportunity to express their brand through advertising, copywriting, co-branded blogs, guerilla marketing events and more. The more solidified and consistent your brand expression is, the more your customers will think of your company. Yet many companies neglect the opportunity to express their branding in their own headquarters, even as they’re pulling out all the stops on all other channels. In this article, we’ll make the case for why it’s important not to neglect branding in your office space, and offer a few tips on creative ways to brand…

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investment banking career paths

Career Paths in Investment Banking

By Trading

After wrapping up an undergraduate degree, most students are eager to get out into the real working world and start making money and putting their hard-earned skills to use. But that entry level position is just the beginning of a long career likely full of twists and turns. As with many career fields, the investment banking career ladder is long — and how many rungs you climb depends on your talent, your ambition, and a dose of luck. The grunt work Financial analysts are largely considered the grunt workers of the banking world. Analysts spend a great deal of time…

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how to redesign your office on a budget

Redecorating Your Office or Control Room on a Tight Budget

By Control Room Design, Office Space Design, Trading

Has your office design gone stale? If the majority of your furniture hasn’t been replaced in years (or decades) and the aesthetics haven’t changed since day one, it’s likely that your work space is in need of a refresh. Though it can be hard to view this as a priority when there’s always plenty of other ways to spend the money in the budget, employers need to recognize the benefits of having an aesthetically pleasing office workspace — and then study up on these tips to revamp your workspace design on a budget. New office furniture doesn’t have to break…

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Making Open Office Plans Work

By Office Space Design

Overcoming Challenges of Open Office Plans Much has been made of the open office layout trend: both for it and against it. Though the science has always been out on the definitive benefits of the open office design, its popularity has never faltered: an estimated 70 percent of office spaces had adopted the popular cubicle-free floor plan by 2014. The plan is far from perfect, but since it shows no signs of going away, it’s time to focus on ways that it can be improved upon. Where did the open office layout come from? The concept of an open office space…

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control room furniture

Designing and Furnishing the Ideal Control Room

By Control Room Design

Control rooms are some of the most difficult work environments to design — yet also where intelligent design and planning can make a huge difference. In control rooms at power plants, transportation hubs, emergency responder dispatches, police precincts and more, employees are working in a high-stakes environment with little room for error. They must be able to seamlessly interface with technology (often multiple systems), communicate with others and maintain focus at all times — that’s where control room design and ergonomics becomes essential. When planning a control room, it’s important to consider everything employees will need to work effectively, while…

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Remote Possibilities: Is Working From Home the Future?

By Office Space Design

Just a few years ago, the future of office work seemed clear: it wouldn’t be in the office at all. Large companies began recognizing that having an off-site workforce simplified employees’ lives in terms of stressful commutes and childcare arrangements. It also gave them a larger pool of talent to choose from. Diebold, a company that manufactures ATMs, decided to adopt a telecommuting policy to attract potential new hires from outside the Canton, Ohio area where the headquarters are located. Quickly, they were recruiting talented new employees from Silicon Valley and major US cities. Telecommuting even cuts office maintenance costs…

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