Reduce stress as a trader

How To Reduce Stress as a Financial Trader

By | Trading

Reducing Stress and the Financial Trader Whatever initially drew you to a career in finance, it likely wasn’t a hankering for a low-stress, relaxed lifestyle. Probably the exact opposite, in fact. While the long working hours and typical high-tension workplaces are generally seen as an unfortunate side effect to the job, it’s true that many of those who choose this line of work actually thrive on a fast-paced, high-stress environment. Sure, it’s normal to complain about the demanding nature of your work. But can you really picture yourself putting in an easy, uneventful 8 hours and heading home for a…

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Tennis Tables vs Conference Tables: Can “Cool” Office Spaces Really Increase Productivity

By | Office Space Design

The Origins of The Cool Office Space Trend From big-name brands like Google to… just about every interesting startup from the last five to ten years, having a hip office space is all the rage. Long gone are the days when any company could line up some cubicles, throw down some bland carpeting and call it a day. Nowadays, it’s all about the ping-pong table in the break room, the brightly patented accent walls, the well-lit lounges designed like a hipster coffeehouse. Is Creative & Modern Office Design Only for Startups? How important are these things to a brand’s success, really?…

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